Does the for-sale sign still work? | CyberProp | 9-22

There are a lot of questions about the validity of the for-sale sign. Agents and clients alike at times challenge its effectiveness and enquire about whether they work in a modern society and digital age. The short answer is yes, they still work.

Despite the evolution of the property market entering skyrocket mode daily, with client interactions highly active, ranging from digital engagement to physical contact, there is still an element of legitimacy in tried and tested practices.

The reality of the for-sale sign is that people still notice their presence.

However, each market is different. We’ve found that some areas have a very low interaction rate on for sale boards and some of our agents use these boards sparingly, largely because they’ve evolved to implement alternative marketing strategies that are just if not more effective.

But, on the flipside, there are definitely areas, like the northern suburbs of Cape Town, where for-sale boards do wonders for the exposure of the home. A recent study of four show houses over a Sunday showed that 90% of buyers that attended originally noticed the for-sale board, and then made after they had seen a second advert online or in the print, but still cited the board as the initial spark.

The for-sale board is a necessary medium for both home owner, buyer and estate agent. It exposes the home to the direct target community, with ease to direct contact details and for the agent they also get the necessary exposure for the property and in turn they promote their own services as well.

There are a lot of advantages to technology, I would be the first to admit, but we’ve proven that an integrated approach remains the best way forward.

Article by: Harcourts

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