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Friday, 29 June 2007
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Edition 25 of 2007, Friday, 29 June 2007

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South Africa is the county with the fastest-growing commercial property market in the world with the market perking up in Johannesburg as it is the commercial heart of the country. Johannesburg is also the financial centre and Africa's most modern business hub.

Although the national workers strike of three weeks, the longest in South Africa history, has ended homebuyers are warned that property transfers will take at least 30 days longer. The whole process can take up to 120 days.

Fractional ownership - the new buzz word in property has made a successful and fast-growing entry into the South Africa market, following the recent worldwide trend, SA property industry follows global trend

For sale Dracula's castle... Bram Stoker, author of the novel Dracula, used this castle as his inspiration. Dracula has captive auditions attention since 1897. The castle is currently a museum and received 450 000 visitors a year. The castle originally was built as a fortress in 1377 and was given to the Romanian royal family in 1920. The castle became a possession of the state in 1947, was transformed into a museum in 1957 and returned to the Habsburg family in 2006. Who knows who the next owner will be..

"I heard of a company offering bonds with only 6% interest charge. I was wondering as your newsletter reader & I am sure other readers would be interested if you could look into this and advise us" Thank you for your email Morgan. CyberProp.com did some investigation and indeed it is true. Rudco Financed Company, based in Cape Town, offers a 6% mortgage interest rate but it is over a fixed bond period of 20 years. There is also an admin fee that must be paid upfront. A press release was requested to speak to no avail.

Moving brings forward one word we all hate.. packing! They CyberProp blog team share some great tips with our readers on how to pack for one, use the proper packing materials - CyberProp.com Blog

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>> Real Estate News - SA property industry follows global trend

Fractional ownership - the new buzz word in property - has made a successful and fast-growing entry into the South Africa market, following the recent worldwide trend. Fractional ownership allows investors to become part-owners of a vacation home and enjoy between 3 and 12 weeks of home ownership privileges per year at a luxury resort, at a fraction of the cost of whole ownership...

>> Developers catching office scarcity wave

SOUTH African developers appear to be strongly confident about office property market fundamentals, with close to 60% of new office developments in decentralised nodes undertaken on a speculative basis.

Property economist Francois Viruly of Viruly Consulting says the market scenario is that office vacancy rates are at 10-year lows in decentralised nodes virtually across the country...

>> Buy before you sell

Got a really good offer on your house and keen to sell? The experts say that you might want to think about where you are going to move first — else you may just be left out in the cold.

In the current, still buoyant residential property market estate agents are finding that some homeowners are selling without giving sufficient thought to where they will move next. So says Tony Clarke, MD of Rawson Properties...

>> NCA 'nothing to fear' say banks

Although they are expecting a slowdown in mortgage lending over the next 12 months, SA's major banks say there will be no shortage of demand for property in that time and that the residential market is set to remain buoyant as a result.

Bank representatives told delegates to the Homenet annual conference recently held in Gaborone, Botswana they were resigned to the fact that higher interest rates and the tougher lending requirements of the National Credit Act (NCA) would take a bite out of home loan lending for at least the next year...

>> Focus on Belfast, Mpumalanga, South Africa

Near the Drakensberg escarpment and 210km east of Pretoria, Belfast is one of the coldest places in South Africa. The grassveld district is known for cattle, dairy and sheep farming. The wattle and bluegum plantations are the oldest in Mpumalanga.

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>> Estate agents have to raise the service bar

It is becoming a business imperative for estate agents to raise their level of service and professionalism - especially to homebuyers - if they want to stay ahead of the game in a cooler property market.

This according to Gerhard Kotzé, CEO of the ERA South Africa property group, who says that the slower growth in property prices, higher interest rates and the squeeze on credit availability, have made it essential for estate agents to "up their game"...

>> News from - Rodney Hayter
Rodney Hayter

South African residential tenants face double digit rent increases for a decade or more as households that rent are formed quicker than new rental units can be built, according to Andrew Schaefer, MD of Trafalgar the national residential letting company...

>> From the CyberProp Blog

Add method to the madness with these packing tips. You can make packing your things a lot easier with these simple techniques:

Use the proper packing materials. It will pay off in the long run! Sturdy boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap can all be purchased at local moving or shipping companies. Wardrobe boxes and other specialty boxes can be found there too. Sturdy boxes can also be retrieved from wholesale companies, at no charge, after a shipment. Other great types of reasonably priced padding for your boxes include wadded-up newspaper, old pillows and blankets..

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