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Friday, 28 January, 2005

Edition 3 of 2005, Friday, 28 January 2005

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Africa - hopes of a generation with promises to end poverty! British Prime Minister Tony Blair, the presidents of Nigeria and South Africa together with rock star and anti-poverty campaigner Bono and computer billionaire Bill Gates this week carried the hopes that poverty will soon come to an end in Africa. Will this not be wonderful for all South Africans!

We saw the launching of the Property Magazine in Western Cape and towards the end of 2004 also in Gauteng. 2005 started with the first edition of the Property Magazine Newsletter. A newsletter for all property junkies that is not to be missed. I found an article on investing in retirement homes that I just had to share with you the reader.

  • Nellie van Staden clients are increasingly younger people buying a retirement home as an investment, which they rent out until they retire
  • Marc Harries believes that retirement villages are among the best property investments around: first, there is a chronic shortage as a result of increasing demand as people live longer and move into these villages at earlier ages

Read more in Retirement investments

The village took its name from the Voortrekker description of its river - "mooi" translates as pretty, but in Zulu, however, the river is 'Mpofana' - Place of the Eland. A significant stretch of the Midlands Meander is located in the Mooi River Region. This popular self-drive arts and crafts route is fun to explore and allows you to shop for handmade goods from woven rugs, leatherwork and ceramics to wooden furniture and jewellery. www.places.co.za takes us on a road to Mooi River, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa.

Use your gut instinct and forget the rules - this does sound great doesn't it? The same rule is applicable on arranging flowers. If the book says "Never mix purple and orange flowers together" and you like purple and orange together, mix them together! These are just one of the rules that we will be sharing with you today in Have Fun.


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>> Real Estate news

Fears of property price bubble grow in eurozone

FRANKFURT - While fears of a property price bubble seem to be abating in Britain, they appear to be on the increase on mainland Europe, with central banks, and the ECB in particular, sounding the alarm as house prices surge in countries such as France, Spain and Italy.

Earlier this month in its January monthly bulletin, the European Central Bank warned for the first time in relatively strong terms about the possible emergence..

>> What is CGT - Capital Gains Tax?

Implementation date

This latest form of taxation takes effect on 1 October 2001.

What is taxed?

CGT will be levied on all capital gain (profit) realised at the disposal of a capital asset (any asset not taxed in the normal course of business operations). Examples of such assets are – land (including rights in land), mineral rights, plant and machinery, motor vehicles, caravans, boats, shares, kruger rands, trademarks, etc...

By Menlyn Properties

>> "Tio end" property slowing down

Property owners in lower to middle income markets may finally be starting to see higher percentage increases than their top end counterparts, according to new figures.

MortgageSA figures suggest house price growth of around 27 percent between January and November this year, according to Gavin Southwell, the company’s sales director...

>> Retirement investments

After six months of living with my mother I realised that unless I found her somewhere to live I was going to kill her!’ jokes Karen Margadant, whose 80-year-old mother had to move in with her after a stroke left her unable to live alone. Margadant makes light of the deteriorating relationship between mother and daughter, but it can be a very real problem when parents reach an age at which they need to be in a more secure environment.

>> Focus on Mooi River, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa

The village took its name from the Voortrekker description of its river - "mooi" translates as pretty, but in Zulu, however, the river is 'Mpofana' - Place of the Eland.

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>> Property of the week

Kwazulu Natal, Mooi River

Price: R3 800 000
Bed: 3
Bath: 3
Garages: 2

This magnificent stone home with its 3 foot thick walls, Yellowwood and Oregon Pine finishes is a house that one dreams about. The farm has irrigation and an enormous length of Mooi River frontage.

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>> News from Nationlink

Optimism is high for all segments of Port Elizabeth property market in 2005 and especially for a pick-up in the commercial and industrial markets, which are still catching up on the residential sector.

Looking at the year ahead, Nationlink regional director Neil McLaggan forecasts sharply increased demand for industrial property coming from the engineering and related industries as the giant Coega deep-water harbour project advances to completion.

>> Have fun!!

Flower Arranging 101 - 10 Tips for Better Flower Arrangements

We work with flowers a lot and have discovered a few tips and tricks to help make our lives easier when working flowers. Discover our tips for helping your flowers last longer, look better, work better, and cost less...all while saving you tons of precious time...

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