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Friday, 27 February, 2004

Edition 7 of 2004, Friday 27 February 2004

Dear reader,

"You don't need a lot of money to become someone in life" A reminder by Graham Vivian Lancaster. In his book "Everyone can do it", he refers to the seed of the Redwood tree. "How small and how helpless is the seed of a Redwood tree? Only when it reaches fertile soil will it slowly and without fanfare take root and become one of the largest trees in the world".

Today in Real Estate in South Africa, you are going to read about the "homeowners wish list" for the budget of 2004 and will get a preview of what Finance Minister Trevor Manual proposed in his 2004 Budget. Indeed great news for the 6,5-million homeowners currently excluded from the property market.

And this is where I am going to stay in this issue, on the money side of life!

We can now offer you a range of propety-related bridging finance solutions. Read more about this service in Cash in your hands.

Have a geat weekend and go on...spoil yourself!

The Editor

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>> Real Estate in South Africa

Manuel can foster house market

SA's property boom is building wealth for less than 15% of the country's homeowners.

However, Finance Minister Trevor Manuel could do wonders for the rest if he found a way to include 6,5-million homeowners currently excluded from the property market, says Neville Schaefer, CEO of national property managers Trafalgar, in a wish list for today's budget.

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>> 2004 Budget Proposals

A summary of the Minister of Finance’s tax related budget proposals announced on 18 February 2004 regarding the Real Estate Industry.

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>> Cash in your hands!

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* SwitchQuick
Switching bonds? Accelerate receipt of surplus cash while you wait for the formalities to be wrapped up.

* PayQuick
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* CommQuick
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>> Property of the week

Western Cape - Cape Town - Noordhoek

Main house plus 3 self contained flatlets. Plus Plus Plus

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>> Finding the best estate agent

There is a lot more to selling your home than simply getting the best price. A home often holds fond memories. So choosing an agent to sell your home is a little like finding the right babysitter for your child.

The agent has to be as passionate about the house as you are, there must be an acknowledgement of its good points and an acceptance of the flaws...

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>> Are you shopping for a home loan?

House hunting can be a fascinating activity — it’s the only time that you can walk into a stranger’s home and snoop around without fear of arrest. But, as much as it may satisfy your voyeuristic traits it can also become a long and arduous task. Once you have found your perfect home there are more choices to be made; not least of which is finding the best deal on a bond…

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>> Keeping your family safe!

Here are some security tips on how to keep your family safe:

  • Make sure all outside doors to your house have keyed knobsets and deadbolt locks.
  • The deadbolt locks on your doors should have high-security features such as interlocking chassis and full one-inch throws.
  • Always lock the doors when you leave the house and when you return.
  • Use security bars for added security on sliding patio doors and entry doors.
  • Secure garage and shed doors,and gate latches, with pin-tumbler, laminated padlocks.
  • I you are not sure which home security products are right for you, consult your local retailer or crime prevention officer
  • Select deadbolt locks with full one-inch bolts, massive interlocking chassis and reinforced strike plates with extra-long mounting screws for strength and durability. This information can be found on the product's packaging.
  • Select keyed doorlocks with ball-bearing locking mechanisms and massive interlocking chassis for added resistance to break-ins.
  • There are two primary types of security bars: one for standard doors and one for sliding patio doors. Look for a security bar with a patented locking device that can withstand up to 1,000 pounds of force. Patio door security bars should also prevent thieves from lifting the door off the track.
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