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Friday, 25 June, 2004

Edition 24 of 2004, Friday 25 June 2004

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Ever had one of those days when things just don't go your way? Well if today was one of them, go and make yourself a cup of coffee, sit back and enjoy this weeks newsletter.

We are taking you to the "land of the rising sun", Mpumalanga.This is a province of extraordinary natural beauty. Situated at the gateway of the Kruger National Park. The Malelane (which means Small Lala Palms) offers a unique opportunity to experience the thrill of exploring the African bushveld.

Experts believe the South African property market is still booming, with many properties enjoying up to 20 percent year-on-year increase in value. But is mortgage insurance essential? Read more in Real Estate in South Africa.

Are you prepared to attend a FREE seminar? Yes, you said, then make sure that you register. RealEstate101 is running a FREE seminar in Sandton on Monday 5th July.

Today in Have fun.... As the prima donna, Carlotta, is singing, a backdrop falls to the floor, nearly killing her. The cry is raised, "It's The Phantom of the Opera!" Upset, Carlotta refuses to sing. The third longest-running show in Broadway history, seen by over 100 million people in 111 cities worldwide, Andrew Lloyd Webber's Phantom of the Opera opens is now on stage in South Africa.

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>> Real Estate in South Africa

Is mortgage insurance essential?

Experts believe the South African property market is still booming, with many properties enjoying up to 20 percent year-on-year increase in value. Amidst this growth, there is an increasing need for property buyers to understand the risks associated with property ownership. Raising the awareness amongst home-owners will hopefully change consumer behaviour and help eradicate home repossession.

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>> View from the Bridge

Selling a seller a new home

Very often, a person who sells his/her primary place of residence will inevitably be looking to purchase a new home to live in. This may not apply where the person is emigrating or decides to rent.

"A significant portion of our clients comprise sellers of their homes who are seeking to buy a new home", says Marianne Bester of Bridgeway. Bridgeway offers sellers the ability to access their sale proceeds almost immediately, instead of waiting for registration of the sale to take place. "Many such sellers need their cash in advance to enable them to pay down a deposit on their next purchase," explains Bester.

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>> Free Property Seminars

Real Estate 101 is planning a series of free lunchtime and early evening property seminars in the Sandton CBD. All the topics relate to buying and selling property

Are you interested in attending:
I would like you to include these topics:
Am I paying/getting a good price for my property?
Why property prices go up, why property prices go down?
Common buyer/seller mistakes and how to avoid them
Negotiating your dream deal
What are my legal rights
Understanding the offer to purchase contract
Identifying low and high maintenance features
Identifying basic structural faults
Understanding the secrets of interest
Avoiding repossession
Why your own home is not an asset
Inexpensive ways to improve the value of your property
All of the above


>> Why do insurance companies invest in property?

Isn’t it strange that the very same people that try and sell you financial products for your retirement invest the money they receive from you into property! According to the House Price Index, South Africa has been rated the number one return on investment country in the world, with a return of 23.7% per annum...

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>> Focus on Malelane, Mpumalanga, South Africa

Mpumalanga, which means "land of the rising sun" in the local SiSwati language, is a province of extraordinary natural beauty.

Mpumalanga is not a highly developed province with large cities and towns - instead, visitors to the province are brought closer to nature. Mpumalanga is particularly well known for it's wildlife parks...

Click here to read more | Click here to view Real Estate in Malelane

>> Property of the week

Gauteng - Malelane - Mpumalanga

Bedrooms: 5
Bathrooms: 4
Garages: 2
Notes: Ideally suitable for a family, this spacious, double-storey, thatched roof home is situated in the picturesque Underberg with nearby schools, shops and a church...

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>> Irish investors launch Cape property development

Eurocape Investments Limited, a company formed from major Irish-UK property development group Howard Holdings, has launched a new residential, hotel and commercial development project in the center of Cape Town valued at over R500 million...

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>> Have fun!!

The Phantom’s trail

My first acquaintance with the Phantom came one cold February morning in 1984 while I was soaking myself in a hot bath. Andrew Lloyd Webber telephoned me for a gossip. He dropped into the conversation the idea of making a musical out of The Phantom of the Opera. Even in my prune-like condition, I recognized Andrew had come up with another good idea...

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>> Vacancies





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JUSTIN 083 785 5001
OFFICE (011) 882-1300

>> Be in the frontline

The CyberAgent Freeware package is a limited version of CyberAgent Professional/Lite - it allows the user some of the basic functions including the following:

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Program Access Control

  • You can administer which users have access to which modules and assign a password to each user. Since CyberAgent Freeware can be used in a multi user, networked environment, this module makes it easy to administer your users.

Agent Management

  • The Agent Manager simply holds the details of your agents, the agent details are carried through to the Property Manager - enabling you to simply select the agent responsible for a listing. This information also reflects on the Internet, once you've uploaded your listings onto the Internet.

Property Management

  • The Property Manager holds the details of the property, you can also specify the agent responsible for the listing as well as the owner. You can also add photographs of the listing here.

Sunday Times Advertisements

  • This module makes it easy to manage your weekly advertisements to the Sunday Times. You can quickly see which properties have been selected for publication and what the total cost is for the adverts. The module allows you to upload your advertisements to the Sunday Times and makes provision for verification - you can verify that the listings you've selected for publication has been received by the Sunday Times.

Sales Transfer Manager

  • The Sale Transfer Manager makes it possible for you to track the process of your client's property sale. It relies on electronic communication between yourself and your transfer attorney(s). The electronic communication is a service provided by L@W, to which the transfer attorneys subscribes. The module makes provision for easy communication, supporting both email and SMS technology.

Property Search Facility

  • This module is ideal for searching for properties in your database and producing hardcopy printouts of the search results. Search results can also be saved in Word Document format or PDF format. Search results can also be emailed from this module.

Website Update Facility

  • When you update your properties - they are sent to the Sunday Times Property website (www.SundayTimesProperty.co.za). This module also contains the Software Update module, with which you can check for new releases of the package.

Context Sensitive Help

  • Whenever you need help on the form/module you are working on, simply press F1 or click on the Question Mark icon and you will receive a detailed description of the module and it's use.
    The CyberAgent freeware package is developed by USP Designs (Pty) Ltd. And is supported by Sunday Times Property 086 1 SUNDAY or 086-1-786329

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