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Friday, 22 July, 2005

Edition 27 of 2005, Friday, 22 July 2005

Dear Reader,

My-oh-my what an exiting newsletter do we have this week, from how not to burn your fingers through property investment, to criminals that targets secure complexes and we end it with a pink house that is giving a doctor the blues!

We received the following letter from one of our readers: "I recently learnt that I qualify for a state guaranteed loan of 161.000 and now I need to buy a house. Most of the houses I like are 270-300.000. How do I go about it?" A few weeks ago we published an article by Iona Minton - Buying together. For those of you who missed out on it we have placed it again. This might just be the answer on the question of our reader.

This week there is a warning for our readers, Don't burn your fingers! The property investor is different from the property owner in as much as an investor is looking to realize some positive cashflow or profit through the method that they choose to invest. Dave takes us through the risks concerning property investors - The Property Game

Camps Bay is one of the most popular and most expensive suburbs in Cape Town. The reason is its stunning location at the foot of the majestic Twelve Apostles, a mountain range belonging to the Table Mountain range, and its proximity to the centre of town, via the spectacular Kloof Nek road.

Camps Bay is the place for urban beach life. The fine white sand is - especially over the weekends and during the holidays - packed with young people. The sea is, due to the protected position in the bay, quite calm and - in summer - good for swimming - Focus on Camps Bay, Western Cape, South Africa. - www.southafrica-travel.net

Try to imagine all the things people use that are made from wood or have byproducts from wood in them. Paper, cardboard, furniture, and lumber are obvious products. Each year on the average, every person uses more wood. And, each year there are more and more people. We need to care and maintain the beauty of our wood products - Have fun

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>> Real Estate News - South Africa

Worth the wait

WITH the property market being as buoyant as it is, many property owners are contemplating subdivision of their stands and to change land use rights, which can have lucrative benefits if rezoning permission is granted. On the other end of the spectrum, it can also decrease the value of your property if the proposed plan, for example, obstructs your view from the home or transforms your spacious suburb into that of a densely built-up spot...

>> The Property Game - Property Investors burn their fingers

Supplied by Dave Welmans www.thepropertygame.co.za

Don't burn your fingers.

Following on from the previous weeks discussions concerning property investors and the risks associated with it, lets turn to risks in today's market. Novice investors are following the herd instinct and following the tremendous boom over the last 3 years are now deciding to invest in property. The property investor is different from the property owner in as much as an investor is looking to realize some positive cashflow or profit through the method that they choose to invest. Last week's discussion of some of the types of investors will give you an idea of what I'm talking about.

>> Heritage ban "absurd"

The South African Heritage Resources Agency has placed a blanket of provisional protection on a substantial part of Green Point in Cape Town for a period of six months — without informing all of the affected property owners.

Ashley Lillie, a prominent heritage consultant says: "This is an ill considered and absurd move by the Heritage Agency. It means the rights of property owners to do even the simplest work on their property without permission from the heritage authority has been curtailed." ...

>> Buying property together

Getting the cash together to pay the deposit and legal fees for a home is not an easy task, and some people may never be able to afford a home without assistance of some kind. Even if your sights are set on a relatively modest home costing R250 000, you will need at least R40 000 saved up in order to acquire it.

>> Focus on Camps Bay, Western Cape, South Africa

Camps Bay

Camps Bay has long been a favourite destination for overseas visitors to Cape Town. Just behind Table Mountain, nestled beneath Lions Head and the majestic Twelve Apostles, and boasting a magnificent palm fringed sandy beach, Camps Bay is a real gem...

View Properties in Western Cape | View Properties in Camps Bay

>> Property of the week

Western Cape, Cape Town, Camps Bay

"Exceptional home with panoramic views" Modern double volume home of gracious proportions. Three double bedrooms. Large entertainment areas. Garden and private swimming pool. Guest suite and staff accommodation. Double garage plus secure parking for four cars.

Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 2

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>> Criminals target secure complexes

Criminals have a new safe haven: secure residential complexes.

According to police, "upper-class criminals" are renting property in expensive security conscious complexes and using these as bases for their nefarious activities.

"When police do patrols in areas they generally concentrate on the streets and do not go into complexes because of high levels of security. We tend only to go in when there has been a complaint," said Captain Piletji Sebola, spokesperson for the Pretoria police...

>> Have fun - wood is for ever!

Whether you own a classic 18th century chair, a family heirloom, or you’ve just purchased a contemporary dining room set, proper fine wood furniture care is essential.

Maintain the beauty of your wood and protect your investment. Give your heirlooms the finest wood furniture care and you will be repaid with years of enjoyment and service...

>> Pink house is giving this doctor the blues...

A black doctor, at odds with his white neighbours over the colour of his house, has lodged a complaint of vandalism with police over Pink Panther graffiti on his garden wall.

To a howl of objections, Manduleli Bikitsha insisted on painting his Somerset West, Western Cape, house shocking pink because his ancestors had advised him that the colour would bring him good luck.

Two years ago, "Pink stinks" was daubed on his garden wall, and now "Pink Panther" has been scribbled onto a wall.

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