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Friday, 21 October, 2005
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Edition 40 of 2005, Friday, 21 October 2005

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Ever thought of owning a piece of "space"? A company has set up operations in China to sell land on the moon for 289 Yuan (37 dollars) an acre, cashing in on renewed interest in space travel after the successful five-day voyage of Shenzhou VI. This first extraterrestrial estate agency, started operations Wednesday in Beijing, the China Daily reported and will issue customers with "a certificate" that ensures property ownership and includes mineral rights up to three kilometers underground.

But what about South Africa? Is it too late to buy property? No. "Investor demand is now being driven by expectations of rapid rental growth as commercial property booms," says Marc Wainer, deal-making partner in Madison, SA's largest listed property fund manager, with a total market capitalisation of around R13bn - It's not too late to buy

"Last week I went into the reasons that it is advantageous to sell your home before putting in an offer on a new home. This week I'd like to go into some detail on the intricacies of trying to purchase a new home before selling your existing abode." From Dave's desk this week in The Property Game - Why buy first?

The Cape Peninsula provides surfing equal to the best in the world. While in False Bay (eastern side) the surf is slow and even, at Kommetjie, the seas are higher and the waves much faster. Despite of the problems with access, the west coast provides the most interesting and most thrilling surfing. Kommetjie's main attraction is the wonderful, very wide beach with interesting rocky patches. Long Beach extends over 8 kilometers to Noordhoek, ideally suited for long beach walks. Focus on Kommetjie, Western Cape, South Africa

Whether you’re a homeowner or looking to become one, chances are you know how overwhelming choosing designs to suit your taste and lifestyle can be. Well, you're not alone. October is Kitchen & Bathroom month with us. Last week we had a look at bathrooms and this week assist you with your kitchen - Have Fun

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>> Real Estate News - Marketing overseas

PROMINENT real estate group Sotheby’s International Realty, which is operated in SA by Lew Geffen, has lashed out at some of its peers, saying South African estate agents are “winning mandates” by “creating a false impression” to clients that they are marketing their properties internationally.

The group says the main motivation is to secure sole mandates from sellers in SA and that the Advertising Standards Authority should investigate this type of misleading advertising...

>> The Property Game - Why buy first?

Supplied by Dave Welmans www.thepropertygame.co.za

Last week I went into the reasons that it is advantageous to sell your home before putting in an offer on a new home. This week I'd like to go into some detail on the intricacies of trying to purchase a new home before selling your existing abode...

>> It's not too late to buy

Opportunities to build a long-term portfolio, despite warnings of overheating

Two years ago, some experts were warning investors that the listed property sector had grown too fast. That was when it had a market capitalisation of less than R30bn and the average historic yield was over 11%.

>> Real Estate in foreign lands causing capital flight

Lack of proper legislation blamed for situation.

ISLAMABAD: Due to the absence of proper legislation in the country, the government is unable to stop flight of capital from the country as huge investment in real estate sector of Dubai, London and South Africa continues, an official told the Daily Times on Tuesday...

>> Looking for that homeloan?


Originators are amongst the newest of financial intermediaries in the South African financial services market. Simply put, their function is to acquire home loan applications from the estate agents and Developers and submit them to the banks for approval and processing...

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>> Focus on Kommetjie, Western Cape, South Africa

Kommetjie is a bit remote and therefore doesn't have as many visitors as other places on the Cape Peninsula. Although the village has a lot to offer. You should definitely pay Kommetjie a visit before you proceed on the stunning coastal road along the Atlantic, especially if you are on your way to Cape Point...

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>> Property of the week

Western Cape, Cape Town, Kommetjie

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Garages: 3

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>> Have fun - Kitchen Remodeling

Ok, now you know your kitchen needs remodeling, but you still don’t know where to begin! It may seem like the list of things-to-do is endless, but don’t worry, just follow the steps below and take our advice. You’ll be on your way in no time!

>> News - Bring out the big guns

Now, more than ever, home sellers need the heavyweight support of established real estate brands, says Aida CEO Alex Fenwick.

"The South African property market is currently much more favourable to buyers than it has been and it is undoubtedly becoming more difficult for sellers to achieve their asking prices," he notes...

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