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Friday, 19 March, 2004

Edition 10 of 2004, Friday 19 March 2004

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You thought you have read all about it in last week's newsletter... "Hubble" telescope from the USA, a billion-euro European spacecraft and two "dirty snowballs" approaching South Africa. Well, stay seated for you have not!

One pill to quit smoking, lose weight!

According to two university studies, the drug Rimonabant delivered in a single pill could soon tackle obesity and smoking, the two leading health risks in the United States. The drug blocks specific receptors in the brain and fat cells, inhibiting the urges to eat and light up the French company Sanofi-Synthelabo had to say.

If trends continue where will it leave us all? Why don't you share your view with us at news@cyberprop.com

Shocking news..

Findings indicated that from January 1 to September 30, 2003, 447 cases with a claims value of R72.6-million were handed over to the police for further investigation. In today's issue we look at how to shop for that perfect household insurance. You can also read more at www.homemaintenance.co.za

Part 2 of our "how to throw a housewarming party" is not too be missed under "Have fun" today!

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The editor

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>> Real Estate in South Africa

Investing in Commercial Property

There are a myriad of options available for investing in commercial property. Different investment markets have vastly different objectives; these typically encompass varying risk profiles and/or prudential guidelines that determine how and what they invest in. This section of The Property Investor is to provide a platform through which the various vehicles and their associated investment options/opportunities can be showcased to their target investment markets.

Property investment options typically include various debt and equity arrangements that can be structured in private and public type vehicles for example:

  • Loans to developer/owner
  • Acquisition of direct property or portfolio of properties
  • Buying interest in private fund owning property (syndicate/limited partnership/joint venture/private property vehicle)
  • Buying 100% of equity or ownership interests in a private company which owns property
  • Buying equity in public companies that own/develop property locally or offshore (In SA these are Property Unit Trusts and Property Loan Stocks)
  • Establishing or buying equity in a listed fund of fund unit trust vehicle, or by investing in property funds offered by mutual funds and insurance companies

Investing in Commercial Property explores the rationale/philosophy, performance and issues affecting the different investment options. It’s aim is to also act as a conduit for presenting investment opportunities – be these direct property sales, equities, or any other opportunity.

>> View from the Bridge

Insights from Bridgeway Limited

Give due consideration to transfer costs when buying a property

A buyer of property in South Africa is required to pay certain transfer costs in relation to the transaction. These include inter alias transfer duty which is payable to the Receiver of Revenue. Transfer duty is calculated in accordance with the following formula:

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>> Shopping for household insurance

Shopping for short-term household insurance can be confusing. Everyone wants the best coverage for the best price but sometimes, in our efforts to keep the cost down on this grudge purchase, we overlook important elements of the contract. If you follow these tips you will save some headaches down the road.

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>> Focus on The Drakensberg, South Africa

It was great to rest up awhile in Jo'burg after a tedious two-day flight from Panama City. The lounge room of Rockey Street Backpackers is awash with tourist brochures enticing travelers to all over Southern Africa. I knew roughly where I wanted to go. There were still parts of the Drakensberg I hadn't seen - tantalizing gaps in my memories of South Africa.

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>> Property of the week

Kwazulu Natal - Greytown

This once productive chicken farm-11 chicken houses and hatchery, with pecan trees on the river boundary is set just south of Greytown, Drakensberg KZN. Ample guest accommodation with two lovely homesteads and outside flatlet.

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>> How to cut on household expenses

By now, many new year resolutions have already been abandoned, but one that consumers should be really determined to keep up is a plan to cut the costs of running their home.

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>> Have fun!!

Throwing that housewarming party! Part 2 - Other Details for Your Party and The Menu


Since guests will be walking about and inspecting your home during your housewarming party, this is an ideal situation for casual, finger foods. Serve different choices in each room. Then, as they discover your rooms, there will be edible surprises as well....

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>> Making the most of your entertainment area

Now that you have the tips on how to through a housewarming party we are going to give you tips on how to make sure that you get the most out of your entertainment area.

The most important factor is the appearance of you entertainment area. You need LIVE, color and fullness to enhance this area. Flowers, that is what you need! The best way to add flowers to your entertainment area is by hanging baskets. Visit your nearest nursery and get some good advice on what flowers to plant in these baskets. Remember just like the rest of your garden these baskets also need maintenance.

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>> Be in the frontline


Internet marketing, like the conventional way, revolves around increasing traffic. Traffic here being not the number of people visiting the stores, offices or phoning the offices countrywide but the number of eyeballs your ad is exposed to. Banner advertising together with direct email is one of the more successful ways of marketing products and services on the Internet.

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Estate Agents

7 reasons why you should use our CyberAgent programme:

  • Canvassing made easy! Use data from SAPTG, CyberTrade and the Deeds office to do mail drops!
  • Manage buyers and sellers, sending them birthday cards, emails etc.
  • Manage Properties and print great reports with a click of a button.
  • Keep track of sales related commissions, VAT, outstanding payments and more...
  • Link to your lawyers, send and monitor transfers electronically!
  • Get your own dynamic web site linked to CyberAgent. Work OFFLINE!!! Only go online when updating your web site.
  • Great exposure! All properties updated to your site are also sent to CyberProp.com, Tiscali (Worldonline) and Sunday Times Property.

If you would like to know more about the above features and benefits that we offer, visit the following link: www.cyberagent.co.za or contact Collin at 0832674935

>> YOU, yes YOU can be a winner!

Only a few more days to go before we will have our March winner!

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The next competition has already started and the Winner will be announced at the end of every month.

Congratulations to Tony Bosch from Kwazulu-Natal who is the winner for February 2004!!

The prize is the fantastic Visor Neo worth more than R3000!

And the Winner is....
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