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Friday, 16 April, 2004

Edition 14 of 2004, Friday 16 April 2004

Dear Reader,

With the Easter bunny, school holidays and elections 2004 behind us the next item on the Agenda will be WINTER!

I found the following definitions of the word "winter" on the Web:

  • The coldest season of the year in the northern hemisphere
  • When the sun is primarily over the opposite hemisphere
  • Season between fall and spring
  • Old and crumbling
  • When the air conditioning in your dorm finally kicks in
  • "When we wintered on the Riviera"

Many people like the idea of updating their interiors for the seasons but for most of us time to change the rugs, paint a wall or even to replace a vase is a problem. Today we have a look at how you can change your living space in the most easiest and cheapest way to fit the various seasons.

But, lets not go to winter, not yet. Lets focus on Port Elizabeth, a city well known for its sunshine and safe sandy beaches.

When is a deal a good deal? Our "Commercial Property Investment Crash Course" in this issue of CyberProp.com will assist you in making a sound investment.

An article I enjoyed tremendously this week was the decision the KZN Directorate took regarding the prosecution of a Durban property owner, following an incident in which a lift cable snapped and plunged 15 stories to the ground - killing one person and seriously injuring three. Read more in "Property owner to be prosecuted"

CyberProp greetings!
The editor

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>> Real Estate in South Africa

Tread carefully around unregulated property syndications

Low interest rates and a booming property market have given rise to a host of new property syndication investments.

Property syndications - in which a group of investors invest in a particular property - has a bad name due to the poor performance of these investments, the difficulty in exiting these investments and the exorbitant fees charged by the companies appointed to manage these investments.

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>> View from the Bridge

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Why use Bridgeway?

Time is money. That’s how the old saying goes.

At Bridgeway, we believe that time isn’t money. It doesn’t look or feel the same. Counting the seconds tick by just isn’t as satisfying as counting the cash. Time on your hands - or money in your pocket? You choose.

If you choose money, we can help. Quickly and professionally.

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>> Commercial Property Investment Crash Course

A crash course in considering an investment property.

Gross Rent = Yearly gross rental income from all units

Gross Income = Gross Rent - vacancy factor + other income (for example, laundry)

Net Operating Income (NOI) = Gross Income - all expenses EXCEPT DEBT SERVICE!

Cap Rate = NOI/Sales Price

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>> Interest rate rise

Brace yourself for interest rate rise as early as August!

The rand continued to perform well in the first quarter of 2004, though it remained volatile. Its performance was partly linked to the weaker dollar, though it has performed well on a broader basis too.

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>> Focus on Port Elizabeth, South Africa

The city is situated 260 km from Knysna and +- 800km from Cape Town. It is known for its sunshine and safe sandy beaches .

For the tourist wanting a total South African experience, Port Elizabeth is the perfect complement to the Garden Route, Settler Hinterland, Sunshine Coast and Cape. Located on the South Eastern coast of Africa, this major sea port and tourist destination is set along the beautiful shores of Algoa Bay, and is fondly referred to as the Friendly Eco-City.

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>> Property of the week

Eastern Cape - Port Elizabeth - Walmer

Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms 2
Garages 2
Established Garden
Swimming pool
Steam room

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>> Have fun!!

Ways to Change Your Rooms for Summer and Winter

Q. Many people like the idea of updating their interiors for the seasons. What techniques do you use to transition your home from winter into spring/summer? Do you switch draperies, slipcovers, rugs, room arrangements, accessories, etc. to match the season? If so, how have you planned the temporary vs. the permanent elements of the room, and how does your color pallate lend itself to the changes?

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>> Property owner to be prosecuted

Minister of Labour, Membathisi Mdladlana welcomed the KwaZulu-Natal Directorate of Prosecution’s decision to prosecute a Durban property owner, following an incident in which a lift cable snapped and plunged 15 stories to the ground - killing one person and seriously injuring three.

Lungile Mthebula (18) died in Edington Hospital shortly after the incident, and the three others Zinhle Mathebula (18) Mondli Mthethwa (18) and Thembi Chule were seriously injured.

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>> Be in the frontline

Internet marketing:

Internet marketing, like the conventional way, revolves around increasing traffic. Traffic here being not the number of people visiting the stores, offices or phoning the offices countrywide but the number of eyeballs your ad is exposed to. The trick here is to pay as little as possible for every banner displayed to potential customers. Banner advertising together with direct email is one of the more successful ways of marketing products and services on the Internet. It is common practice in Internet marketing to charge per impression (every time a banner or advert is displayed). This however can get costly especially if a site is very busy. Being on a busy site is not necessarily the ultimate. Advertising to a smaller but more targeted market often results in a more successful campaign.

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Estate Agents:

You can now take part in our Info/training seminar in Gauteng on April 19 (fully booked) and 22 April 2004.

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