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Friday, 15 September, 2006
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Edition 37 of 2006, Friday, 15 September, 2006

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We are all familiar with the 'property for sale' signs in our neighborhoods. Is it the right time to buy property? America's housing market has certainly caught a chill. Apart from America, only Spain, Hong Kong and South Africa have seen big slowdowns in the prices of property for sale. In ten of the countries, prices are rising at double-digit rates, compared with only seven countries last year.
European housing markets—notably Denmark, Belgium, Ireland, France and Sweden—now dominate the top of the league. Real Estate News

Staying on the topic of those 'property for sale' signs, is it good to multi list? “Multi-listing theoretically opens the property up to more buyers, but in practice mandated agents will often sit back and wait for buyers to come in from other agencies for which they generally split the commission 50/50.” Should you multi list? by Iafrica

A town taking its name from the Utongani River on whose banks it was formed as a housing project for the sugar industry labour force in 1945. This week www.places.co.za takes us to Tongaat, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa

She will tell you that a well looked after garden can add 10 to 15% to the value of your property. When she is not on site creating a horticultural masterpiece, Juanita is an adrenaline junkie and lists biking and paragliding as two of her favourite pass times. She has invested in her dream property in the Wilderness which consists of a natural forest, an old farm house, a water tower and a shed and is in the process of turning this real estate pumpkin into a Cinderella rural retreat - Home Grown Talent - Meet Juanita Knox, Have Fun

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>> Real Estate News – Property prices are cooling fast in America, but heating up elsewhere

HOUSES are not just places to live in; they are increasingly important to whole economies, which is why The Economist started publishing global house-price indicators in 2002. This has allowed us to track the biggest global property-price boom in history. The latest gloomy news from America may suggest that the world is on the brink of its biggest ever house-price bust. However, our latest quarterly update suggests that, outside America, prices are perking up...

>> ‘Laggard’ KwaZulu-Natal has potential for boom

KWAZULU-Natal has the potential to outperform Gauteng and Western Cape when it comes to house price growth over the next five to 10 years, says First National Bank property strategist John Loos.

In a report released last week, Loos says KwaZulu-Natal, which has tended to lag behind the other two provinces, will receive a boost from a number of factors, including its expected strong economic growth, its proximity to economic powerhouse Gauteng and its renewed popularity as a holiday destination...

>> Be streetwise before buying to let

For some investors, buy-to-let again looks appealing — even though the recent rate increase and a swathe of economic data point to the likelihood of more enforced fiscal belt tightening.

The premise is that interest-rate pressure is causing more households to rent — either because they can’t afford current bond repayments, or because they’ve postponed the decision to purchase until the next interest rate decline...

>> Focus on Tongaat, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa

A town taking its name from the Utongani River on whose banks it was formed as a housing project for the sugar industry labour force in 1945.

Aesthetically English colonial but distinctly cosmopolitan in flavour, Tongaat, part of the Sugar Coast, now supports one of the largest sugar-producing districts in the world...

>> View Properties in KwaZulu Natal
>> View Properties in Tongaat

>> Property of the week

KwaZulu Natal, Tongaat, Desainagar

DEVELOPMENT LAND! Zoned for 412 units. 7 minutes from Umhlanga and close to the new airport.

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>> Should you multi-list?

Multi-listing, the process by which agents share their mandated properties on a shared platform with agents from other agencies, has become synonymous with complacency in certain areas, where agency service delivery is often very poor.

Barak Geffen, Executive Director of Sotheby’s International Realty South Africa says: "Agencies that use what’s known as the 'farming' methodology instead, where agents are limited to one area of focus and do not share properties, have up to 500 percent more success nationally when it comes to achieving the best price within the shortest time...

>> Housing fraud plagues WCape

The Auditor-General's performance audit on the approval and allocation of housing subsidies by the Western Cape Department of Housing has highlighted irregularities of almost 4.9 million rand in subsidy allocation.

These figures were revealed in the performance audit report tabled in the Western Cape Provincial legislature. The figures are based on actual subsidies paid as well as a calculated potential amount of 15,000 rand per applicant and were found in 1,449 exceptions out of a national total of 53,426.

>> News from - Drake Property Consultants


A mandate is not an every-day concept to many people. We have encountered many different ideas of what a mandate is, and we would like to give some clarity through this discussion:

What Is A Mandate?

"Mandate" simply means "an agreed upon capacity to do" something, or "an authorization to act given to a representative"...

>> Have Fun - Home Grown Talent - Meet Juanita Knox

Home Grown Talent - Meet Juanita Knox every Saturday and Sunday on The Home Channel:

You may know Juanita Knox as the presenter of Home Grown on The Home Channel, but there is plenty more to this talented lady with green fingers.

Born in the then Rhodesia, she moved down to South Africa in 1982 with her family when she was thirteen years old. Attending Lyttleton Manor School in Centurion she soon developed a love for the natural sciences and art and both of these disciplines influenced her future career...

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