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Friday, 14 December 2007
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Edition 49 of 2007, Friday, 14 December 2007

Dear Reader

They say that Christmas is incomplete without a Christmas stocking. For most of us we know the age old practice associated with Christmas stockings, hanging your stockings as seen in the movies near a fireplace on Christmas Eve just to find it filled with gifts in the morning. And not just ordinary gifts but gifts left by Santa. This custom is from way back and is a faith that Santa left gold coins in the stocking of three poor girls in need of money for their marriages. This is to believe the first gift ever from Santa to anyone. Today the simple thought of Santa bringing presents for the Christmas stocking brings smiles on the faces of many children and brings joy to many hearts.

This year our gift to you is your own Christmas stocking filled with;

  • Joy
  • Peace
  • Happiness
  • Love

Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2008!

See you in 2008

The editor


>> Real Estate News - News from Eden Island


The 56ha Eden Island residential marina and mixed use development in the Seychelles is beginning to achieve widespread recognition among marine biologists and ecologists for a variety of groundbreaking achievements – but foremost among these will probably always be the largest and most successful reef relocation yet attempted in the Seychelles...

>> Interest threatens house prices

According to a survey carried out by an online property listing site, rising interest rates and unsustainable price rises are the two biggest threats to the South African property market next year.

Johan Strydom, general manager of propertygenie.co.za, said that three main factors seem to worry consumers when it came to their perceptions of the biggest threat to house prices.

>> Wipe out your shortfall

The interest rate has increased by 0.5 percent and prime is now 14.5 percent. How can property investors optimise their income to make up for the shortfalls in their bond repayments? Market conditions are near perfect for buying property and making money from rentals. Follow these tips and you will negate the extra cost incurred by rate hikes...

>> Don’t ignore rising debt, warns mortgage expert

CAPE TOWN (December 10) - Consumers should not fear their rising debt. There are some practical steps they can take to not only limit the debt, but tackle the bad debt should they get into trouble, says Simon Stockley, CEO of new home loan provider Integer.

“But most importantly, don’t ignore the debt,” he emphasises in a media release...

>> Western Cape market promising for seasonal buyers

Holidaymakers are expected to give added impetus to sections of the property market in the Western Cape.

And a survey among Chas Everitt International offices in the region reveals that there are still good opportunities in the market for homebuyers and investors alike.

Fanie Lategan, principal of the Chas Everitt Western Seaboard, says properties along the Atlantic seaboard have been selling at a premium compared to the western seaboard for quite some time now...

>> Back up aggressive offers with facts

With sales continuing to slow and stock levels rising, home sellers are apt to be much more receptive to offers at well below their asking price these days, but there is still a risk that they will be offended and call off any further negotiations.

Consequently, says Dr Willie Marais, national president of the Institute of Estate Agents (IEASA), homebuyers really need to do their homework before making an aggressively low offer...

>> Focus on Bethlehem, Free State, South Africa

Bethlehem is the largest commercial, industrial and educational centre in the eastern Free State and the northern terminus of the 'mountain route'.

The original settlers found that wheat flourished in the valley, so the town was named Bethlehem (house of bread).

>> View Properties in Bethlehem
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>> Property of the week

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>> News from Inframax


In a major swing from the residential developments with which their Gauteng operation has traditionally been associated, Inframax Developments are going ahead with an uncompromisingly modern triple A grade R50 million development, to be known as “The District”, and the Pangbourne Group has signed a deal to take over ownership of the building on completion.

>> Perfect way to create residual income

Experts in the field of Industrial property are unequivocal in their stance that Somerset West presents some of the best opportunities for investors looking to create an excellent residual income.

While recent interest rate hikes and the strictures of the National Credit Act caused a slow-down in the property market, premier industrial and commercial developments may be the best way for investors to create a residual income or pension...

>> From the CyberProp Blog

Make House Selling Success!

If you bought a car, you could purchase a given model with selected features from any dealer. Since the car comes from one assembly plant, it's going to be the same whether purchased from dealer John or dealer Mark.

Homes are different. Each is unique, the marketplace is always in flux, interest rates constantly change and new buyers search for homes each day. With such fluidity, it requires Real Estate Agents to craft marketing plans specifically for individual homes and market conditions...

>> Software at its best!

Cell Phone enquiries from the public

Buyers driving past your advertising boards will be able to see an unique Internet Number allocated to the specific property. They will then SMS that number to 35476 and will receive an SMS back with all the details of the property. At the same time the agent / agency will also be informed of a potential buyer. How's that for technology working for you! The cost - mahala! Free to all CyberAgent subscribers.

Here's a diagram on the way this process will work...

  1. Agent captures the details of the property and pictures into CyberAgent
  2. Agent updates the property to the Internet
  3. The Internet server sends back a unique number for that property
  4. Agent puts up his "For Sale" board together with our SMS board
  5. Potential buyer sees the "SMS" board and SMS's the unique number to the Internet server
  6. The Internet server sends back an SMS with all the property details and a link to the website where he/she can view pictures on the propert

If you would like to know more about the above features and benefits that CyberAgent offer, visit: www.cyberagent.co.za or email: sales@cyberprop.com

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