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Friday, 13 January, 2005
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Edition 02 of 2006, Friday, 13 January 2006

Dear Reader,

If part of your new year's resolutions was to buy a new home and sell yours, Dave shares some useful tips on selling your home with us in The Property Game

The property price growth is still above the inflation rate, despite the declining trend in 2005 read more in Real Estate News.

In Focus On we take a closer look at Magaliesburg, a small and tranquil village that lies at the heart of a beautiful region, surrounded by mountains, valleys, rivers and indigenous woodlands, all close to the hub-bub of the Gauteng business madness. And new guidelines if you are looking at buying a new house.

And just a little something retro, Fung Shui in the bedroom, find out about the Yang and Chi energies in Have Fun.

The editor



>> Real Estate News - Property market still has upside

HOUSE prices grew 21,9% in 2005, way above the inflation rate, despite the vaunted housing market downturn.

Jacques du Toit, Absa’s senior economist, observes that although house-price growth was on a declining trend during the course of 2005, the average price performance was still strong compared with 2004.

>> Be a winner with Nedbank


Nedbank’s AlphaBond caters for the unique financial needs of first-time home buyers.


  • Minimum loan amount R 100,000
  • Maximum repayment to income – 30%
  • Term – up to 360 months
  • Loan to property value – up to 108%
  • Interest rate – fixed or variable interest rate. You may apply for a rate concession once the loan to value falls below 100%.
  • There are two product options:
    • Costs capitalised: You can register a home loan of up to 108% to cover your start-up costs. The additional 8% will cover the tariff fee, registration costs and transfer duty as well as a guaranteed cash-back, which varies according to the size of your loan.
    • Initial payment holiday: You are granted an initial three-month payment holiday and only start paying off your home loan in your fourth month.
  • A Readvance is available once your loan to value falls below 100%, usually this is only after about 5 years.
  • NedRevolve - provides you with flexibility and control to manage your finances more effectively and is an ideal vehicle to accumulate tax-free savings.
  • Further loan without registration (Readvance) - gives you access to the capital amount already paid off up to the original loan amount without having to register a new home loan.
  • Further loan with registration - allows you to register a second home loan to extend or improve your present home.
  • Nedbank Accelerated Payments - enables you to pay off your home loan sooner than the term stipulated in your home loan agreement.
  • House Owners Insurance (HOC) - protects the bank’s interest and prevents financial loss to both the client and the bank. It is a condition of every Nedbank home loan. The HOC covers the property and the outbuildings, for example, the garage, swimming pool, walls, driveway and improvements, for the full replacement value.
  • Loan Protection Assurance (LPA) optional - ensures that your family is not left to continue meeting the bond repayments in the event of your death or disability.


  • The product is tailored towards the needs of first-time buyers by assisting them with the costly startup costs or by granting a 3-month payment holiday. This means that there is extra money to purchase those necessary household goods for your new home.
>> The Property Game - Selling your house

Supplied by Dave Welmans www.thepropertygame.co.za

The holidays are behind us and its back to the reality of everyday life once again. If part of your new year's resolutions was to buy a new home and sell yours, here are some tips to help sell your home.

In today's market it is a good idea to sell your home first before you go hunting for your own dream property. You might balk at the idea of selling your home before you've found a new one, but there are numerous reasons for this strategy. Read some of the previous articles for these reasons. Sell first with a long occupation date if necessary. This will give you enough time to go and find your dream house. You're sure to have been looking anyway and know what is on the market...

>> FREE! Home Valuation Report

For most people, the home is their single largest monthly expense. It is therefore, also the biggest investment decision that most people make.

Despite the significance of this investment, much of the information required to make property decisions has traditionally not been readily available for homeowners. Not any more. REEP has been created to allow you, the homeowner, access to real, objective and quantitative information about your property, and property markets in general.

The information your get from REEP will ensure that you are empowered to make the best decisions regarding your most important asset, your home.

REEP is offering you, our Home Value Report for free. All you need to do is register at www.reep.co.za for your personalised report on every property you own.

Don't hesitate, get the power of REEP into your hands."

>> It’s all about the right price

FIGURES supplied by The Knowledge Factory’s SA Property Transfer Guide (SAPTG) are clearly indicative that the top-fairing areas with the highest number of sales from January this year up until the end of October are mainly those with properties for sale under the R600000 mark. This clearly reflects the current buyer’s search for value...

>> Focus on Magaliesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

Situated on the border of Gauteng and North West, flanked by the Magaliesberg Mountain Range, a stunningly beautiful arena of coniferous forests, crisp streams and rolling hills.

This small village lies at the heart of a beautiful region of mountains, valleys, rivers and indigenous woodland - home to a variety of birds...

View Properties in Gauteng | View Properties in Magaliesburg

>> Property of the week

Gauteng, Krugersdorp, Magaliesburg

14 Ha fully game fenced and on tarred road. 4 Dams stock with Trout. Masses of water. 2 Huge boreholes. Lovely bushveld and views. 2 bedroom cottage, playroom with ablution and pool.

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>> Have Fun - How is the Feng Shui of your Bedroom?

A room of rest, strong Yin chi is best in the bedroom. Yin chi allows our mind and body to rest, so the less we are distracted by shapes, bright colours and strong light, the better. So, keep lines simple, avoid clutter and avoid Yang objects such as mirrors, television sets, exercise equipment and photographs of your favourite football team in action! The latter is particularly important if you sleep poorly or suffer from fatigue.

Here are a few tips to help create a peaceful environment to help you get the most from your night’s sleep...

>> Software at its best!

Are you an Estate Agent looking for a system to manage your owner data?

The Canvass Manager module in CyberAgent provides the facility to import data from already registered sources and allows you to "manage" this data, turning buyers into sellers and sellers into buyers. A tool that it is MUST for all Estate Agents

Import data from:

  • Deeds Office
  • Property 24
  • Linking of telephone numbers(CyberTrade)

Canvass Manager will allow you to:

  • Filter and manage data
  • Mail Merge data
  • Send bulk SMS messages (birthdays etc.)
  • Keep records of buyer and seller information

If you would like to know more about the above features and benefits that CyberAgent offer, visit: www.cyberagent.co.za or email: sales@cyberprop.com

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