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Friday, 12 October 2007
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Edition 40 of 2007, Friday, 12 October 2007

Dear Reader

"Experts say SA Reserve Bank could even drop interest rates next week." I am sure that most of our readers will still remember this phrase published in last weeks newsletter. Well the experts were proven wrong as another interest rate have been hiked by 50 basis points and that all because of the inflation outlook that has deteriorated. This is not good news and the South African real estate market can be expected to be hit hard. Bracing for a property market slump

The Brazilian residential market is showing a growth in comparison with other countries including South Africa. About 450 000 houses were sold in South Africa, 750 000 in Mexico and 200 000 in Brasilia. Lower interest rates and the wider availability of credit create a very favourable scenario for the real estate industry," Read more in Real Estate News - Building boom hits South America

"New York is definitely a wealthy city but you encounter another stratosphere of wealth in London," We take a closer look at the United Kingdom and why London's real estate developers, businesses and restaurateurs are responding so well to the wealthy. Did you know that the United Kingdom is home to 17% of Europe's wealthiest? Behind London's Boom, Billionaires From Abroad

Households and businesses across the country experienced an electricity crisis this week. Eskom is struggling to restore 20% of its generating capacity and this situation can still continue until Sunday. Eskom and the Government have called on consumers to assist by cutting down on electricity. This can be done to by keeping only essential lighting and electrical appliances on. When searching the Eskom website this morning for more news the website www.eskom.co.za, was not available. Is this how serious this situation might be or did Eskom get tired of the complaints from the consumers? Send your opinion to news@cyberprop.com

Known as the Town of Two Summers for its benevolent climate, Phalaborwa is a town with a spectacular past. Around 2000 million years ago a gigantic volcanic eruption took place in the area. Today Phalaborwa supports a vast mining industry, including one of the world's largest open-cast mines supplying vital minerals to the country

The "Big Hole", the planet's largest man-made hole and visible from space, can be viewed daily from a special lookout point. Focus on Phalaborwa, Limpopo, South Africa

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The editor


>> Real Estate News - Building boom hits South America

Homebuilders in Brazil, where the economy has grown at an average of 3.4 per cent a year since 2003, see sales rising as consumers gain easier access to mortgages in Brazil and neighbouring Argentina's economic expansion continues.

Major companies at the MZ Real Estate conference said the introduction of long-term, fixed-rate mortgages was creating a market for new homes among most income groups...

>> Behind London's Boom, Billionaires From Abroad

Eastern Europe in his private jet for work, he likes to pile the family into his vintage Aston Martin convertible and head off to their country house in Oxfordshire for the weekend. Other days, he prefers to be chauffeured around town in his silver Maserati.

The 40-year-old Icelandic billionaire, who runs a private-equity firm, represents a big shift occurring here: an influx of wealthy foreigners. They are helping transform the city by injecting cash into its neighbourhoods, companies, restaurants and art scene...

>> Bracing for a property market slump

Estate agents, property owners brace for tough times, as Tito Mboweni punishes consumers.

The residential property party is officially over. Estate agents and owners are bracing themselves for tough times following the latest interest rate increase, announced on Thursday...

>> Chinese interest in SA property

THERE was huge interest in the South African residential property market among high net worth visitors at the recent China International Luxury Property Show in Shanghai, where 50 exhibitors represented about 15 countries from around the world.

Andy Collett, MD of Pam Golding Properties’ (PGP) International Division, which was the only South African real estate group at the event, says that despite the fact that this was only the second international property exhibition ever held in China, it attracted about 6000 high net worth visitors...

>> SA slumlords not unique

South African inner city problems are the same as in other major cities throughout the world, making it easier to find solutions, fresh property research showed.

The Trafalgar Inner City Report 2007 showed that inner cities across the world shared the same problems, which include cesspools of slum lands rife with building hijackers and slumlords...

>> Focus on Phalaborwa, Limpopo, South Africa

The town of Phalaborwa is situated less than 2km from Kruger National Park. One of the country's youngest towns and one where the distinction between summer and winter is hardly noticeable. The average maximum temperature in summer is only 5 degrees higher than in winter...

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>> Property of the week

Limpopo, Phalaborwa

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Bathrooms: 2

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>> Is your agent up to scratch?

How do you know whether your estate agent is up to scratch or not? You'll be able to tell from the after-sales service given by the agent.

According to Tony Clarke, MD of Rawson Properties, once the money is in the bank, the service from the estate agent is not meant to come to an abrupt halt...

>> News from Tinus Strydom Property Group

Tinus Strydom Property Group celebrates 5th birthday in style

The Tinus Strydom Property Group recently hosted their 5th Awards Dinner at Utopia Place in Lynnwood with great style and elegance in celebration not only of their 5th birthday, but also to honour the top achievers in the Group.

The Tinus Strydom Property Group comprises a team of 170 full-time agents serving 25 franchises in the greater Pretoria, Centurion and Midrand area. The outstanding marketing team is supported by an exceptional administrative infrastructure. “A great deal of our success” says Tinus Strydom “is due to the seamless interaction of our marketing and administrative departments...

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