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Friday, 12 March, 2004

Edition 9 of 2004, Friday 12 March 2004

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On Tuesday US astronomers released a Hubble telescope image of the first galaxies formed shortly after the universe was born. Among the thousand of pictures are some of the first to emerge from the so-called dark ages, a period after the "Big Bang" in which stars began to form 13 billion years ago.

At the same time operatin "Rosetta" took off. A billion-euro European spacecraft that began a decade-long quest to hunt a comet in the depths of the Solar System and shadow it round the Sun in a bid to tease out secrets of how life began on Earth.

But what about us here in South Africa? Did you know that two "dirty snowballs" are approaching? Two comets may be visible to the naked eye this April and May.
"If Comet Q4 NEAT and T7 LINEAR don't fizzle out (comets being notoriously unpredictable), observers away from city lights may see two glowing 'heads', each with a dim, ghostly 'tail'" reports SAAO.

In light of the above we put our focus on the town of Sutherland this week.

Is it constitutional for local authorities to hold property owners responsible for tenants' water and electricity arrears? Read more in Real Estate in South Africa.

Over the next two weeks in Have fun, we are going to teach you how to through a housewarming party to show off your new house!

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>> Real Estate in South Africa

Arrears ruling to be tested
COMMERCIAL and residential property owners will get their opportunity in the next two days to test in court if it is constitutional for local authorities to hold property owners responsible for tenants' water and electricity arrears.

Thirty landlords, under the umbrella of the Transfer Rights Action Campaign, will take on the City of Johannesburg and the Ekurhuleni Metro Municipality in the Constitutional Court, which is set to hear arguments today and tomorrow.

The campaign objects to landlords carrying the burden of their delinquent tenant s' unpaid municipal water and electricity accounts.

Should they succeed, owners forced to pay tenants' arrears may claim back millions from local government. Success will simplify property transfers, a headache for some owners trying to sell their properties.

In September last year, Port Elizabeth High Court judges Frank Kroon and Eric Leach ruled in two cases heard together that section 118 of the Local Government Municipal Systems Act was constitutionally invalid.

Mar 10 2004 07:52:30:000AM Nick Wilson Business Day 1st Edition_

>> View from the Bridge

Insights from Bridgeway Limited

Bond Switching – What’s it all about?

The current environment has seen the lowering of interest rates combined with significant increases in the value of residential property in most areas. This has lead to a strong trend in the home-loan market where home-owners are:

  • re-financing their home-loans at highly competitive rates; and
  • obtaining greater home-loans based on the increased value of their property, thereby gaining access to surplus funds.

Kevin Cimring of Bridgeway says that in certain circumstances this may present an effective financial planning opportunity...

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>> Selling your home - how to get an edge

Selling a home is always nerve-wracking, even when demand exceeds supply and buyers seem desperate to snap up just about any home that comes on to the market.

Many times, all the sellers’ hopes for the future are riding on the proceeds of their sale, so it is natural to be beset by doubts. Will the market support the asking price? Will the property be noticed among the hundreds advertised for sale every weekend? Will potential buyers appreciate just how well the property has been maintained?

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>> Property of the week

Western Cape - Swellendam

7.3Ha of lush property set in desireable Hermitage Valley, 3km from town and close to Marloth Nature Reserve. Plenty of water available. Comfortable main house plus two self-catering guest cottages and granny flat. Magnificent country property which can be further developed.

Click here to view

>> Hollard Thrives in Short-Term Market

UNLISTED Hollard's short-term insurance arm, SA's third-largest short-term insurer, expects to increase its gross premium income by between 14% and 15% to about R3,4bn for the year to June.

Hollard CE Paolo Cavallieri said the short-term insurance division, which includes a range of partnerships such as LegalWise and Petsure, had earned R1,7bn in gross premiums over the six months to December. It expects a 20% rise in profit after tax to R130m-R140m for the full year.

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>> Focus on Sutherland

Here, in the heart of the Roggeveld mountains, any visitor can kick off his shoes and forget about the stresses of city-life. The crisp, clear skies has made Sutherland the choice for Southern Africa's biggest Observatory. Whether you are an amateur astronomer or just want to relax beneath the milky-way and enjoy the peace and quiet of the Karoo, Sutherland is the place for you!

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>> Have fun!!

Throw a Housewarming Party

Show off your new home with pride by hosting a welcoming housewarming party for friends and relatives. It will not only be a memorable event, but you'll have a deadline for decorating and organizing projects.
This week - Part 1:
Hosting the Grand Tour During Your Party

Moving into a new home ranks among the more exciting events in life. It's definitely time to break out the bubbly and celebrate. It can also be stressful if you're moving away from friends and family. In either case, holding a housewarming party is a good way to welcome new and old friends to your home.

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