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Friday, 09 May, 2008
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Edition 17 of 2008, Friday, 09 May 2008

Dear Reader

We saw the launch of the new Metrorail's Business Express from Pretoria to Johannesburg, in just under an hour, launched yesterday by Transport Minister Jeff Radebe. The train offers free refreshments, a laptop workstation with power points and Internet Access. "Compared to taxis which cost around R1,200 a month or petrol which costs around R2,000 a month for the journey, our service is very affordable, it would only cost R750 monthly," Tshepo Lucky Montana, CE of the SA Rail Commuters Corporation, which operates Metrorail, said. Similar services is planned for Cape Town and Durban. Indeed good news. Hopefully this will help with the traffic problems.

On the property side, in the news this week;

"Fractional ownership is moving beyond the shared planes of the jet-setting elite. The masses are already sharing everything from property, art to cars to designer handbags, and as pooling demand and resources becomes increasingly sophisticated, this model will be applied to an even wider range of categories."

Due to the restricting effect power cuts have on new property development, property analysts concur that in the near to medium term they will be advantageous to property rentals as a result of stock supply not meeting demand.


PPC, which has already increased the price of its cement 8,5% this year, said the hike of about 5% in July was meant to bring cement prices in line with March’s producer price inflation of 11,8%.The increase will drive up construction costs generally, and the costs of the government’s infrastructure spending programme

My first house - Mark Fish or "The Big Fish" as he is know in the soccer world. ‘I was living in Italy at the time but my mother wanted a house and I told her to go and have a look at some places so I could buy one for her.’ Chatting about properties currently available in Pretoria, Mark says one can find great places: ‘I suppose Pretoria feels like home to my family and I, which is why we initially decided on buying there. Houses are usually a great investment, but they’re expensive.'

Focus on Goodwood, Cape Town North, Western Cape, South Africa, Goodwood lies between the northern and southern suburbs of Cape Town, 10 kilometers from Cape Town’s city centre. Named after the famous British racetrack, as the area was initially used for horse racing, Goodwood includes Tygerdal, Vrizjee, Goodwood Park, Goodwood West and Glenwood.

News from Nationlink Plattekloof - The latest offering in contemporary design arises with The Towers in Goodwood. Spawning modern day lifestyle facilities, it also offers security and spacious living surrounds. The development places emphasis on affordability and exclusivity.

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The editor


>> Real Estate News - Fund for retailing in India

TO CASH in on the growth of organised retail in India, UK and SA-based real estate investment groups have launched the retail property Triangle Real Estate Fund for India.

The $500m fund will be routed through Mauritius and managed by Property Zone, a joint venture between Old Mutual Investment Group Property Investments SA and ICS Realty Private, India...

>> April house price growth slows to 6.8%

According to the latest Absa house price index, released on Thursday, South African house prices in the middle segment of the market slowed to a nominal 6.8% year-on-year (y/y) in April from 7.8% y/y in March, taking growth to an eight-and-a-half year low.

This is also the fourth consecutive month of single-digit growth in nominal house prices since a growth rate of 11.2% was recorded in December last year...

>> Property Tip of the Day 81 Power outages increase fire risk

JOHANNESBURG (May 08) - Open flames from candles or gas stoves pose real fire hazards, especially in households more accustomed to the convenience of electricity.

Consequently, says Berry Everitt, MD of the Chas Everitt International property group, homeowners plagued by power cuts should keep the following safety principles in mind...

>> Territorial disputes

It’s a common and fondly held tradition — buying a stand and building a brand new house exactly the way you want it. If this is your plan, take particular care to ensure the building takes place on the stand you’ve actually bought as confusion arise more easily than you think.

Misunderstandings occur frequently, says Martin Schultheiss, CEO of the Homenet estate agency group, because the beacons demarcating boundaries in new developments often get lost or misplaced due to building activity.

>> My First house - Mark Fish

The 2010 World Cup is just around the bend. Despite all the politics surrounding what will hopefully become one of Mzansi’s most auspicious events, it’s good to know there are people in this country with sufficient experience in the sport to have a say in the procedures should they need to. One such person is soccer superstar Mark Fish, who was in fact one of a handful of ambassadors in South Africa’s successful bid to host the 2010 FIFA World Cup. We nearly lost Mark – or ‘The Big Fish’ as he is in known to soccer fans the world over – back in the mid-’90s when he was signed by Lazio of Italy, then Bolton Wanderers and finally Charlton Athletic – as one of the these teams’ highest-paid players. But he returned to his home pond in 2007 after an injury brought on the decision to retire...

>> Beware the estate agent working part-time and/or offering discounts

One of the questions that he is most frequently asked by those contemplating buying or selling property, said Tony Clarke, MD of Rawson Properties, is,

“How do I choose the right agent?”

“With loose talk flying about – much of it uninformed – focussing on the reduced number of home sales at the moment and the ‘high’ commissions that agents exact, there is a tendency for sellers to go the do-it-yourself route – or alternatively to employ an agent prepared to operate on a part-time basis and/or on a ridiculously low commission. In my experience, both choices almost always lead to disaster,” said Clarke...

>> News from - Nationlink Plattekloof - The Towers

A brand new landmark launched in Goodwood

Following from their inaugural residential property development success with The Claremont in Cape Town’s Southern Suburbs, The Foodprop Group of companies will commence construction of The
Towers, a 240 apartment development in Goodwood in August this year with completion mid 2010. Offering the latest in contemporary design and providing modern day lifestyle facilities and security,
this landmark building is set to enhance urban growth along this bustling node...

>> Cape residential property - where is it really going?

One of the things that surprise him most about the current property scene in South Africa, says Mike Greeff, Chief Executive of Greeff Properties, is that some of the principals and spokespeople give the impression of knowing exactly where the market is heading.

“For my part,” he said, “I am ready to admit that right now I am less certain of the next 18 months than I have ever been, the current situation being completely fluid...

>> Letters to the editor

In response to the article Property swaps: ditching unwanted assets, do you think swapping of property can work?

Editor - The majority of our readers, who gave us their feedback, feels that this new concept in the property industry will not work and that it will first have to proof itself

Letter received from SA Real Estate Investor Magazine -

SA Real Estate INVESTOR Magazine is proud to present Dr Dolf De Roos! Live and in person for the first time in South Africa. Dolf is the best selling author of Making Money in Real Estate, Real Estate Riches and 52 Homes in 52 Weeks. These events will take place from 13 May 2008

Real Estate Power Investing Seminar

Topic: ‘How to make money in property anywhere in the world’.

Dolf Breakfast Talks

Join Dolf for a breakfast talk on ‘World trends in property investing’.

Dolf has written eleven books on real estate, which have been published by such renowned publishers as Time Warner, Time Life Direct, and John Wiley & Sons. His books have been on best seller lists in at least six countries, including those of the New York Times,Wall Street Journal, business Week, and Amazon.com

Dolf is the founder and owner of Property Prosperity; a leading real estate education company designed to empower individuals to find financial freedom through real estate. Dolf is the chairman of the public company that he founded, Property Ventures Limited, an innovative real estate investment company whose stated mission is to massively increase stockholder’s worth.

Dolf is the former Rich Dad’s advisor with Robert Kiyosaki on Real Estate. Dolf has appeared on hundreds of radio and television interviews around the world, including NRP (National Public radio), Bloomberg, CNNfn, Fox, NY1, and ABC.

For more information about Dolf you can contact us or visit our website at www.realestateinvestormag.co.za

Kind Regards,
Mariaan van der Westhuizen
SA Real Estate INVESTOR Magazine


>> Focus on Goodwood, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

Goodwood, Cape Town North: Goodwood lies between the northern and southern suburbs of Cape Town, 10 kilometers from Cape Town’s city centre. Named after the famous British racetrack, as the area was initially used for horse racing, Goodwood includes Tygerdal, Vrizjee, Goodwood Park, Goodwood West and Glenwood.

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>> Property of the week

The latest offering in contemporary design arises with The Towers in Goodwood. Spawning modern day lifestyle facilities, it also offers security and spacious living surrounds. The development places emphasis on Affordability and Exclusivity.

Offering Bachelor, 1 Bedroom & 2 Bedroom units, The Towers provides the investor and resident the option of securing an exclusive property in time for the 2010 Soccer World Cup.

Facilities includes 24 hour Manned Security, Views, Secure & Safe Parking with controlled access. The ultimate investment for a modern Yuppie lifestyle!

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>> BetterBond's tips to home buyers and sellers

A guide to preparing your home for a showhouse

You’ve put your home up for sale and now it’s time to prepare for your first showhouse. Every seller wants her home to sell as quickly as possible and at the price they want and we’re sure you’re no different. You need more than luck for this to happen. Here are some tips to spruce up your home and make it more marketable:

Disengage yourself - The first step is to disengage your emotions with your home. Say to yourself, “This is no longer my home; it belongs to one of those people who will view ‘the house’ very soon”. It is now just a house that is up for sale.

De-Personalize - Pack up all your personal photographs. Buyers want to imagine themselves in your home and personal photographs distract them. They need to imagine their own photos on the walls. If you have any family heirlooms or ornaments that are just too personal, pack them away. Some examples include: ornamental dolls, trophies, posters (especially those in the kids rooms) or any decorative item that could be construed as offensive. Remove decorations which might not appeal to everyone, from hanging beads in doorways to jars where your children store their insect collection.

De-Clutter – It is amazing how much we collect over the years that we probably don’t need. If you don’t need it or haven’t used it for over a year, give it away or throw it away. Throw away those old magazines. Remove some books from the bookcases and add some ornaments or plants instead. Clean off everything on the kitchen counters and remove the magnets and pictures from the fridge. Remove some ornaments from display cabinets if it looks too busy. Pack toiletries into the bathroom cabinet, don’t leave your razor, shampoo, conditioner etc lying around the bath.

You don’t have to throw it all away, you can pack some stuff into boxes and store them in the garage – think of this process as a head-start on the packing you will eventually need to do. By de-cluttering you create a spacious feeling.

Next week, we’ll look at simple ways to make each room more appealing to the potential buyer.

Article by: Cheryl Marais – Direct Marketing Manager - Betterbond

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