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Friday, 08 October, 2004

Edition 38 of 2004, Friday 08 October 2004

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Why President Thabo Mbeki is considering pay rises Ernie Els has fallen into second place in the world rankings at Tiger Wood's expense. The 28 year old Woods and a former Swedish 24 year old nanny exchanged marriage vows this week in Barbados. The wedding decorations included 500 roses at the end of the aisles and a four-tier wedding cake. Guests dined on flying fish, macaroni pie and shrimp cocktail. Sounds nice doesn't it?

House prices may be leveling off according to data collected from the Deeds office but needs to be confirmed. Read more about what Standard Bank have to say about this issue in "Real Estate in South Africa".

Nestled in between False Bay and Simonsberg 45km south east of Cape Town International Airport you'll find a village rich in history, filled with character, atmosphere and a lot of warmth. A place where you can set the time by watching whales swim by. A village that offers all the good things in life. A place you would want to call home! In "Focus on" we take a closer look at Simonstown, Western Cape, South Africa also home of the South African navy.

Some of us might be able to "afford" it to dine on "flying fish" and "macaroni pie" and for others of us it is purely "bad" - In Have fun we share 10 things that will help you to remember to lose weight, an article that might be too late for some of us as summer is here but then again, there is always Monday!

Lastly, don't forget, you stand a chance to win an Intel Celeron 2.4GHz computer. Simply SMS the word "CyberProp" to 35066. Read more in our competition section.

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>> Real Estate in South Africa

House prices may be levelling off, says Standard Bank unit

Pretoria - Data collected from the deeds office indicated that housing prices might be levelling off, according to Standard Bank's group economics division.

However, in report released yesterday the bank warned that the data were often revised substantially and the slowdown needed to be confirmed by other reports.

>> Tiscali

Tiscali is among the fastest growing Internet Service Providers in South Africa with dial-up, business and corporate subscribers and approximately 2 million visitors per month on their Portal.

Tiscali offers super fast internet, email & more for just R145 per month. Signup before 15 October 2004 and receive a FREE ISDN modem valued at R699.

>> Soweto to get R250m shopping mall

Jabulani Mall is to be built in the township's most densely populated area as retail boom continues.

SOWETO will continue to benefit from the current retail boom, which is seeing shopping centres springing up in and around Gauteng, with a new R250m shopping mall planned for Jabulani, Soweto.

Called Jabulani Mall and situated on Koma and Bolani roads in the heart of Soweto, the new 30000m² shopping mall will be developed by Greenwold Property Developments

>> The renovation revelation

Whilst property prices continue to climb in many of South Africa’s residential areas, there has been an increasing trend towards refurbishment and renovation of existing homes as well. So says Kevin Cimring of Bridgeway, which is a bridging finance company focused on property finance in the residential sector.

Cimring says that many of Bridgeway’s clients are those people who have applied for second bonds in order to renovate their properties...

>> Focus on Simon's Town, Western Cape, South Africa

Why Choose Simon's Town or Simonstown?

Nestled in between False Bay and Simonsberg 45km south east of Cape Town International Airport you'll find a village rich in history, filled with character, atmosphere and a lot of warmth. A place where you can set the time by watching whales swim by. A village that offers all the good things in life. A place you would want to call home! Make Simon's Town your Cape Town destination and come holiday with us!

View Properties in the Western Cape | View Properties in Simon's Town

>> Property of the week

Western Cape - Cape Town - Simon's Town

Bed: 4
Bath: 2.5
Garages: 2
Pool: 2

Greenhouse, cellar, water storage tank, work shop and glass roofed walkway

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>> SA and Namibia face Zimbabwe's land fate
Four years after Zimbabwe's land reform campaign turned violent, South Africa and Namibia are facing the same conundrum, struggling to redress imbalances from British and German colonial rule.

As in Zimbabwe, the vast majority of land in South Africa and Namibia is owned by white farmers, descendants of settlers who under colonial rule were given choice land.

President Robert Mugabe seized on this historical injustice to justify the forced seizure of 4 000 of Zimbabwe's 4 500 white-owned commercial farms that were redistributed to blacks, wreaking havoc in the agriculture sector in what was once southern Africa's breadbasket economy.

>> Have fun!!

10 Things To Remember to Help You Lose Weight - by Jonny Bowden, M.A., C.N.S.

  • However much fiber you think you're getting, double it.
  • Ditto for green leafy vegetables.
  • Fat is not your enemy, junk food is. They're not the same thing.
  • All carbs are not bad. But you're probably eating way too much of the ones that are.
  • Bagels are not a health food.
  • If it has ingredients you can't pronounce, throw it out.
  • Respect the fact that your metabolism is different from everyone else's, and as unique as your fingerprint. Learn to work with it.
  • Try not to think in terms of "bad" and "good." Most foods, like most people, are a mix of the two.
  • With that balance in mind, ask yourself if this food serves your purpose and empowers you. If it doesn't, don't eat it.
  • If you can't use all of these suggestions, use as many of them as you can. Or if you can't do them all the time, try to do them as often as you can.

Relax, get enough sleep and don't postpone joy.

>> Be in the frontline

The real challenge for Estate Agents is to find a software application (programme) that supports all facets of the industry, cutting out the need to duplicate day-to-day work. CyberAgent answers to all the estate agencies needs.

This week we take a closer look at the "The New Development" module within the CyberAgent application.

The New Development Module module has been developed to assist estate agencies to market and sell New Development properties. Up until now agencies had to contact us whereby we had to develop web pages to accommodate these new developments at a cost. These developments were also only available on the agencies website only and not on all linked websites (www.cyberprop.com, www.real-estate-south-africa.com, www.tiscali.co.za and www.sundaytimesproperty.com).

This module will enable agencies to add the following information about each and every development:

  • Location information (Province, City and Suburb)
  • Main note / write-up on the development
  • Status of the development
  • Meta keywords for search engine optimization
  • Main picture
  • A picture of the site plan
  • Building specifications
  • Progress reports including pictures
  • Units descriptions
  • Floor plans
  • Link reference to the property in the Property Manager

If you would like to know more about the above features and benefits that CyberAgent offer, visit: www.cyberagent.co.za or email: sales@cyberprop.com

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