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Friday, 08 April, 2004

Edition 13 of 2004, Friday 09 April 2004

Dear Reader,

It is full steam ahead for the national elections with only 4 days to go! IEC chair Brigalia Bam, said she had never been this anxious about an election despite the run-up preparations running smoothly. She said she had been amazed at the growth in political maturity since independence and this was highlighted by how seriously the parties had adopted the code of conduct.

Some interesting facts about the election:

  • Supporters are no longer prepared to die for their leaders and for their beliefs
  • There are more female candidates than males
  • There are 35 000 voting stations in the Country
  • The IEC had spent millions of rands on voter education and the training of staff
  • The IEC's budget for the 2004 election is R640-million, down from 1994's R963-million
  • The 215 000 electoral staff had been comprehensively trained to an almost para-legal status
  • Prisoners voting would pose a challenge as many had been sentenced and placed in prisons in areas away from where they had originally been registered
  • The counting of votes would start immediately after the close of voting stations

Land is a highly sensitive issue in South Africa and might just play a major role when casting votes. Land reform has progressed slowly with 80 percent of the land still held by the white minority, rising impatience among landless blacks. Read more in "The issue of land"

Focus on - Pretoria, Should the name Pretoria be changed to Tshwane?

This week I also give you feedback on those wines that was under the hammer.

Don’t forget to cast those votes!

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The editor

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>> Real Estate in South Africa

The issue of land

A bold agrarian reform pledged 10 years ago by the new dispensation in South Africa to rectify the injustices of colonialism and apartheid has progressed slowly with 80 percent of the land still held by the white minority, fueling rising impatience among landless blacks.

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>> View from the Bridge

Who is Bridgeway?

Bridgeway conducts business as a bridging finance company with particular focus on short-term bridging finance in the property sector.

Bridgeway focuses on addressing the cash flow requirements of various participants involved in property transactions – including sellers, buyers, developers and estate agents. Bridgeway’s focus has lead to an intimate knowledge of the property market, conveyance processes and associated risk management factors, making Bridgeway a leader in this field.

Why use Bridgeway?

Time is money. That’s how the old saying goes.

At Bridgeway, we believe that time isn’t money. It doesn’t look or feel the same. Counting the seconds tick by just isn’t as satisfying as counting the cash. Time on your hands - or money in your pocket? You choose.

If you choose money, we can help. Quickly and professionally.

Benefits of Bridgeway

Our bridging finance or ‘discounting’ solutions help you to gain quick access to funds which may only be due to you at some future date.

We charge a transparent, once-off discount fee with no interest charges or administration fees. We recover all our funds, including our fee, at the end of the transaction so there are no upfront charges payable by you.

>> News from Nationlink

Trying to buy a home near the peak of a sellers' market can be a frustrating experience. In fact, seeing the "sold" signs pop up outside homes they viewed just a few days ago and reading about ever-climbing prices can so discourage potential buyers that they withdraw from the market.

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>> We can assist you in choosing your bond carefully!

Choose your bond carefully

Until fairly recently, prospective homeowners, especially first-time buyers, often chose a home loan product on interest rates alone: the financial institution that offered them the lowest mortgage rate got their business.

Following international trends, South African banks have introduced several innovations in the past year or two to differentiate their home loan offerings, but too much choice can be confusing as you try to steer your way through a sea of new and enhanced products.

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>> Focus on Pretoria, South Africa

Pretoria is the administrative capital of South Africa and is situated in the Province of Gauteng.

It is a very pleasant and cosmopolitan city, situated in the transitional area between the Highveld and the Bushveld. As a result of its location, Pretoria has a particularly abundant variety of birdlife.

Pretoria is situated approximately 50 km north of Johannesburg. It lies in a warm, well sheltered, fertile valley, surrounded by the hills of the Magaliesberg range. Since 2000 it has been incorporated into the metropolitan area of Tshwane.

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>> Property of the week

Gauteng - Pretoria - Montana Park

Bedrooms: 4
Bathrooms 3
Garages 4
Established Garden
Swimming pool
Armed response

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>> Have fun!!

Decorating your house for cheap

Dressing up your digs on a budget doesn't have to mean using a milk crate for a coffee table. If you can't afford to give your home a posh decorating makeover, there are ways to cut corners and still give your place a fresh look.

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>> Feedback on - SA wine under hammer

Local wine-makers were pleased as punch at this year's Nederburg Auction, South Africa's premier wine showcase. Early analysis of auction figures suggests good prices and an increase in foreign interest.

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