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Friday, 07 May, 2004

Edition 17 of 2004, Friday 7 May 2004

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Its out! Its official! Listed property investment group SA Retail Properties (SRL) this week released its results for the year ended 31 March 2004.

Are foreigners to blame for the surge in property prices? The Property Magazine, a new real estate magazine that was launched in April, sorts fact from fiction in this debate.

City of Expertise, and also the Gateway to the North West Province, Potchefstroom. A city well known for its student life. Potchefstroom has also become a popular destination for international tourists. The Aardklop festival provides a platform for the creativity and talent of local artists and for sure a yearly event not to be missed.

New! In our quest to make CyberProp more than just another property website we launched a Community Channel. This channel is for you and we will strive in giving you as much information possible on subjects ranging from property to home improvements to entertainment. In our weekly article we look at Blind Solutions. Did you know that window blinds can serve as an important accent piece to the room. Window blinds also adorn one of the most important assets that a room has - a view to the outdoors.

To all our CyberProp mothers, a warm happy Mother's Day!!!

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>> Real Estate in South Africa

Suburban Xenophobia Is it real?

Are foreigners to blame for the surge in property prices and are South Africans becoming increasingly xenophobic as prime properties become less affordable?

The Property Magazine, launched in April, sorts fact from fiction in this debate that has held Capetonians in a thrall since foreigners first started buying property here soon after democracy.

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>> View from the Bridge

Selling a seller a new home

Very often, a person who sells his/her primary place of residence will inevitably be looking to purchase a new home to live in. This may not apply where the person is emigrating or decides to rent.

"A significant portion of our clients comprise sellers of their homes who are seeking to buy a new home", says Marianne Bester of Bridgeway. Bridgeway offers sellers the ability to access their sale proceeds almost immediately, instead of waiting for registration of the sale to take place. "Many such sellers need their cash in advance to enable them to pay down a deposit on their next purchase," explains Bester.

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>> Strong results from Retail Properties

PROPERTY loan stock company South African Retail Properties, which has a property portfolio worth nearly R1,1bn, including 27 shopping centres, said Tuesday it had increased its distributable income to unit holders.

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>> Focus on Potchefstroom, North West, South Africa

Potchefstroom is a major tourist attraction of the North West Province and is situated on the south eastern border of the province. Also known as the Gateway to the North West Province, the town is only 120 km from important marketing outlets of the Gauteng Province. Main rail and road links in all directions and an airport with a tarred landing strip keeps the city in touch with the tourists. Potchefstroom has also become a popular destination for international tourists.

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>> Property of the week

North West - Potchefstroom - Grimbeeck Park

Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 2
Garages: 1
Pool: Yes
Beautiful Garden

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>> NEW!

In our quest to make CyberProp more than just another property website we launched our new Community Channel. Here you will find useful links regarding real estate, home maintenance, business, technology, entertainment and many more.

This week we have a closer look at Blind Solutions:

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>> Have fun!!

Kitchen Specialists Tell Realty Times The Latest Home Trends

"Style, technology, art, finishes and a multitude of product choices are giving today’s consumer and their designers the ability to create unique kitchen and bath designs at affordable prices," says Michael Davis, president of Capital Distributing, Inc.. "Out with old boring kitchens and baths, and let fun and creativity be the new standard in our homes!"

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>> Jeffreys Bay, Eastern Cape, South Africa hit with Property Fever

Property developers are looking East. The Western Cape Developers are looking at their neighbours and attempting to find new playgrounds for the rich and famous.

Golfing Estates and Beachfront resorts are springing in the Eastern Cape, where developers are eating at chunks of new ground available for development. Folk are tired of the overcrowded holiday resorts that are overvalued and senseless.

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