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Friday, 06 July 2007
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Edition 26 of 2007, Friday, 06 July 2007

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This week we talk to some industry experts about the New Credit act, and hear their view on cash buyers. The number of Millionaires in India soars due to climbing values of Real Estate. SA has it's own booster of Real Estate value - Platinum - read more how these two tie up.

We listen to some cool heads - giving advice on negotiating the details of the contract of sale.

We tour the streets of Randburg - come join us!

We ask the one question on so many - soon to be - new home owners' lips : where to find a decent builder?

The city of Johannesburg has appointed a Professor to help shape the inner city - come meet the man, and read more about the challenges he's facing.

For homeowners aiming to sell their home and buy another, it's the classic real estate, which came first, the chicken or the egg, question, read more In our CyberProp.com Blog

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>> Real Estate News - India

The strong growth in the stock market and real estate prices is swelling the ranks of millionaires in the country, which had 1,00,015 high networth individuals (HNWIs) last year, a 20.5 per cent increase in the number and second only to Singapore with a 21.2 per cent surge...

>> Cool heads save deals when tempers rise

Contrary to popular belief, the bottom line in contract negotiations is not always the bottom line. Obviously, how much you are going to pay for a home or gain from the sale of a home is top of mind but it is worth noting that sale agreements can and do fall apart when parties fail to agree on non-price terms of the contract...

>> How platinum boosts property

Property markets in platinum-mining areas are benefiting from the economic spin-offs of the boom in the price of the precious metal.

According to Gerhard Kotzé, CEO of the ERA property group, numerous centres along the platinum arc of the Hans Merensky Reef, which extends roughly from Rustenburg through to Lydenburg, are in line for the benefits either directly or indirectly as the platinum price soars...

>> The trouble with cash…

The new National Credit Act that imposes stricter criteria on lending and makes credit harder to get is prompting more homebuyers to look at paying cash instead of applying for a home loan.

And those who can afford to do so – or at least put down a substantial cash deposit - are likely to have serious clout when it comes to negotiating price, says Berry Everitt, MD of the Chas Everitt International property group. After all, a cash offer is every property seller's dream...

>> Focus on Randburg, Gauteng, South Africa

The Randburg Waterfront, built in 1996, was comprised of a large oval of shops and restaurants surrounding a lake in a natural depression in President Ridge in Randburg fed by the Jukskei River.

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Gauteng, Randburg, Blairgowrie

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>> From gown to town

Pauline Larsen chats to the City of Johannesburg's new planning chief, Prof Philip Harrison

Steering a course between developer interests and social pressures will test the mettle of the City of Johannesburg's new planning chief. Prof Philip Harrison has swapped shaping the bright young planning minds of tomorrow with shaping the city itself as Jo'burg's executive director of development planning and urban management...

>> News from - iafrica.com

Find the right builder

Need to get a building job done but tired of slow, unreliable and even shoddy builders? Here’s how to make sure you find the right people for that all-important job…

>> From the CyberProp Blog

The chicken-and-egg question

For homeowners aiming to sell their home and buy another, it's the classic real estate, which came first, the chicken or the egg, question -- buy or sell first?

If you sell first, you may find yourself under a tight deadline to find another house, or be forced in temporary apartment. If you buy first, you may be saddled with two mortgage payments for at least a couple months. You may need the money from the sale of your original home in order to pre-qualify for a loan for your new home. You may be facing a job relocation and need to sell quickly...

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