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Friday, 06 Februarie, 2004

Edition 4 of 2004, Friday 6 February 2004

We often hear that winning is a question of attitude. Yes, I can agree with this but knowledge is as important. Sill the most important for me is having a vision.

All successful leaders have a vision for their businesses, projects or teams. In fact, you wouldn't be a leader if you didn't have vision, if you couldn't see exciting possibilities not only in your product or services, but also in your people and your life. And, yet, many leaders when asked to create a vision statement for their team tend to minimize the importance of this process. They often give it lip service, so they can get back to the “real work.”  In "Have fun" we are assisting you in creating that vision not only to become a leader but to assist you in your daily life.

If you are a first-time-buyer, we share four factors with you that will influence your ability to buy that dream home. To share your views with the readers you send your emails to news@cyberprop.com

The Editor

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>> Real Estate in South Africa

White emigrants returning to South Africa, how is this going to influence the Real Estate industry in South Africa? HOMECOMING REVOLUTION: Thousands of people who left the country because of political turmoil are now asking themselves whether leaving was really the right choice.....

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>> Tips to help you sell your home more quickly

Owners can help expedite the sale of their home by following a few guidelines to make the house more attractive to potential buyers. A thorough self-inspection and a walk- through with your real estate agent can reveal imperfections that might hinder a sale....

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>> Switching Bonds?

Are you considering switching bonds to obtain cash in your pocket? Cash that you can use for school fees, settling debt, renovations to your existing property, new furniture or even for an overseas holiday. To find out more call us now on 011 955 9100

>> Are you a first-time-buyer?

Low mortgage rates and special incentives for first-time buyers are making the dream of home ownership a reality for more individuals and families. As you begin your search, you'll want to determine how much house you can afford and what type of mortgage is best for your budget.....

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>> Property of the week

ZIMBALI FOREST COUNTRY ESTATE!! Do you see yourself in the company of Millionaires? South Africa's most sort after Estate, in the forest at the sea! Offering Golf Course, Tennis Courts, Swimming pools, Restaurant, Club House, 24 hour security and much more....

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>> Have fun!!

Success is a to have a vision!. Think about some of the greatest visionary leaders of our times (or the leaders and top money earners in your company for that matter).  People like JFK, Henry Ford, Martin Luther King, Jr., Helen Keller, Thomas Edison, Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, and so many more. Each of them had (or have) a vision that changed the world (or, in the case of leaders in your company, had a vision that changed their financial future).  But was it clear sailing for them or do you think they had to conquer some major league negative circumstances? 

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>> Be in the frontline

We are an ASP (Application Service Provider) company specialising in the Real Estate industry and are currently maintaining and hosting the websites of more than 250+ agencies throughout South Africa . In addition to the 250+ agencies we are also responsible for www.CyberProp.com as well as the property channel on www.tiscali.co.za (formally know as World Online). Permanent advertising is also on www.ananzi.co.za . This ensures a high volume of traffic on CyberProp.com. To attract even more eyeballs to our websites, we email a weekly newsletter to more than 10,000 people containing property and other related information.

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>> Are you an Estate Agent?

If you are an Estate Agent and would like to know more about the features and benefits that we offered, visit the following link: www.cyberagent.co.za

USP have been developing CyberAgent since January 1999. On the one hand it has grown from a real estate office tool too a total office management system comprising of all aspects involving a real estate office operating in the selling of property. On the other hand has our technology regarding website design and functionality increased by leaps and bounds making it possible to create a unique fully functional website within 3 hours. CyberAgent has been up until now our flagship product with more than 250 estate agencies using our software on a daily basis as an integral part of their office program. Current sales are in the region of 10 to 15 new agencies per month.

>> Vacancies www.CyberProp.com
* IT Sales person wanted. Commission basis. Applicants must be enthusiastic self starters ready to grow with the business. Own car and notebook essential.

* IT staff needed for IT support, development, website design and training. Basic salary. Applicants must be able to work with people and fully bilingual. Own car essential.

* Looking for a dynamic person to work with bond application. Basic salary. Applicants must have at least 2 years working experience Mortgage Originator environment.

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>> We have a winner!!!!!

Congratulations to Leon van Wyk our first winner for 2004!

Refer your friends, family and colleagues to www.CyberProp.com and stand a chance to win this exciting prize!

The next competition has already started and the Winner will be announced at the end of every month.

The prize is the fantastic Visor Neo worth more than R3000!

And the Winner is....
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