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Friday, 05 April 2007
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Edition 13 of 2007, Friday, 05 April 2007

Dear Reader

If Easter can give us at least one message it will be the seed of hope. But it can also give us the message that Easter means honesty and transparency; that it removes the need to pretend or pose or cover up or deny. Help us trade in our self-securities for a greater security. Let us know that the power of God is sufficient to allow us to confront the truth openly.

Holy Easter to you!

The editor


>> Real Estate News - South Africa: First-Time Home Buyers Face Market Setbacks

ABOUT 20%-25% of residential property buyers are first-time home owners, slightly down from two years ago when they made up about 25%-30% of the buying market, says the latest First National Bank (FNB) Property Barometer.

FNB Homeloans CEO Ed Grondel said yesterday the residential property market was still "very active" but that first-time buyers were finding it more difficult to get into the market...

>> World's most pricey property

This property is so exclusive that there isn't even a published price list. It's called One Hyde Park and it's reputed to be the most expensive residential real estate in the world.

Being developed on the site of the former 1950s building Bowater House in stylish Knightsbridge, genuine buyers are required to undergo a screening process before being provided with a special password in order to gain access to more detailed information. Even plans for the building are being kept under wraps...

>> Black buyer numbers up

THE growth in the number of black buyers has often been quoted by property pundits as a factor contributing to the continued buoyancy of the residential property market. But quantifying the actual number of black buyers is difficult.

And unsurprisingly, according to anecdotal evidence, Gauteng is the province which has the most black buyers...

>> Face-lift for Rosebank

Five buildings in suburb demolished to make way for R623m shopping, hotel and office precinct

For those wondering what the bulldozing and banging in Rosebank is all about, the area is undergoing a major face-lift before the 2010 World Cup...

>> Wealthy South Africans show interest for billion rand UK penthouse

South Africans are queuing to buy property abroad and most want to invest in the UK.

This is according to Barak Geffen of Sotheby's, who said the majority of the interest is from buyers looking to purchase property between R3,57m (£250 000) and R28,5m (£2m)...

>> Focus on Durban, Kwazulu Natal, South Africa

Harnessing together the welcoming smiles, inviting splendours of nature, unique cultural experiences and pulsating celebrations of four distinctly characteristic slices of holiday heaven... Durban Metro is Africa's ultimate coastal playground in the sun! The enchanting, vibrant, historic city and townships of Durban have gathered around them the ideal family getaways of The South, luxury resorts and casino of our northern Sugar Coast... plus rolling, green, country treats of the Valley of 1000 Hills. Cosmopolitan and sophisticated, this idyllic outdoor lifestyle in subtropical paradise offers you that much more - more buzz for your buck...pleasure for your pound...

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>> Have Fun - SAIBPP 2007 Convention


Property in South Africa is one of the fastest growing sectors in the South African economy with massive developments occurring over the past couple of years.

With this changing environment and the introduction of industry charters, it is fast becoming critical to ensure that black practitioners are represented and play a meaningful role in the mainstream economy

>> News from - Val Ludgrove Real Estate


After an almost “dead” December in the terms of property sales, mainly because of a booming stock-market and fear of rising interest rates, as well as a perceived over-supply of land, houses and apartments, shrewd investors have grabbed the couple of bargains that were in the market. And have since whittled away at everything that was for sale at realistic prices.

It clearly shows that people are realising that:

  • The supply of good and affordable properties is not that high.
  • New developments will be increasingly difficult and expensive to “get of the ground”.
  • Building costs are continuing to rise making existing houses even more affordable

The flooding of our real estate market with vacant stands after the almost simultaneous launch of Brackenridge, Whale Rock Heights, Whale Rock Ridge and a couple of smaller developments is now over. Now that many of the stands are developed and fewer are for sale and people realising what the building costs on their stands are likely to be, the market will return to a more stable one, showing more normal growth. It therefore seems as if the main problem in our property market now once again becomes the lack of really affordable housing and an airport so that commuters between Gauteng and Plett can “take off” again.

>> Press release - Senior citizen bond applicants given a raw deal

Senior citizen homeowners seeking bonds are unfairly risk rated by banks, a scenario that needs to be re-thought.

So says ERA property group CEO Gerhard Kotzé, who notes that older homeowners are frequently better risks than younger borrowers, but that banks tend to frown on granting them loans...

>> Two months to go to the largest worldwide real estate exhibition - SIMA07.

The ninth edition of the Madrid Real Estate Exhibition, taking place from 29 May to 2 June, will cover a total of 100 000 square meters. SIMA’s International content will be distributed in two areas: SIMA’s Hall I (International Institutional and Investment Pavilion, and SIMA’s Inmotur (International Holiday Homes Pavilion), an area devoted to second homes in foreign countries where hundreds of property and property related exhibitors from more than 20 markets will participate...

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