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Friday, 05 March, 2004

Edition 8 of 2004, Friday 05 March 2004

Dear Reader,

South Africa's "golden girl" Charlize Theron.. Mr. Mbeki and former South African President Nelson Mandela have already issued invitations for the actress to visit when she returns to South Africa. I do not know about you but I am pretty sure that one of these meetings will take place in South Africa's "golden buildings", the Union Building in Pretoria.

News of the win of Benoni's most famous former resident took time to filter into the town, as some people heard the news on their car radios, while others remained oblivious. In our CyberProp.com newsletter this week we move our focus from the "golden" to Benoni.

"Choosing the right home can be very exciting but also a daunting task as there are a number of factors to consider. Your final choice will depend on your individual needs, tastes and financial circumstances". Thank you Robert, CyberProp team, for sharing this article with the readers.

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Did you know that eating is an agricultural act? Read more in "Have fun"!

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The editor

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>> Real Estate in South Africa

Price of comparative luxury still reasonable in SA

SOUTH African investors are still fortunate with fashionable inner-city apartments here, as they are much cheaper than a trendy loft flat in London or New York, says Sotheby's International Realty.

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>> Financial assistance for sellers

When it comes to property, most services are centered around providing the buyer with a home-loan. But what about the needs of the seller in a property transaction?

A seller of property in South Africa is only paid the proceeds from the sale on registration of transfer. This can be a lengthy process – up to three months or more.

Bridgeway Limited, a Johannesburg-based finance company, believes that this process can be frustrating for people who have immediate cash flow requirements. Kevin Cimring, Managing Director of Bridgeway, says that sellers often require their proceeds at an earlier stage but do not have easy access to these funds pending registration.

For that reason, Bridgeway offers sellers access to their surplus proceeds almost immediately....

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>> Focus on Benoni...

Residents of Benoni, the small Afrikaner mining town where Charlize Theron was born, were smarting after they were judged too lowbrow to justify a screening of Monster, for which she won the award.

"The film caters for a particular niche," said a spokesman for Nu Metro, the South African film distributor responsible for showing Monster, which he said was upmarket. "The people of Benoni would prefer to see Charlize in movies like The Italian Job."

Benoni town Gauteng, on the Witwatersrand. It is the distribution center for a gold-mining district and is part of a large industrial complex known for its iron and steel plants.

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>> Property of the week

Gauteng - Benoni - Farrarmere

Fit for A King!! This palatial home in one of the most sort after complexes, has upmarket finishes and fittings throughout. It is a must to view for the discerning buyer with a taste for fine living and a passion for perfection!!

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>> Choosing the right home for your family

CHOOSING the right home can be very exciting but also a daunting task as there are a number of factors to consider. Your final choice will depend on your individual needs, tastes and financial circumstances....

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>> Finding the right assistance..

"House hunting can be a fascinating activity — it’s the only time that you can walk into a stranger’s home and snoop around without fear of arrest. But, as much as it may satisfy your voyeuristic traits it can also become a long and arduous task. Once you have found your perfect home there are more choices to be made; not least of which is finding the best deal on a bond.." says Iona Minton

Mortgage Originators

The term "Mortgage origination" refers to the person or company who sources and arranges the loan for a buyer, they can also be referred to as mortgage brokers. There are subtle differences between the two. Generally speaking an originator does most of the work of getting the bond on your behalf, while a broker will simply act as the intermediary.

CyberBonds now offer this service, which can save you a lot of time and effort when looking for the best deal. Consumers can get loan approval in a couple of hours for no increased costs or obligation. In addition consultants will shop around for the best rates and packages that suit your particular needs.

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>> Have fun!!

From the Field to the Table - You are what you eat...

Recently, young students in Michigan, Arizona, California, and Florida had a twist in their educational experience when tainted strawberries served to them in their school cafeterias triggered panic and forced mass inoculations against hepatitis A virus.

Last year, it was E. coli, before that Cyclospora, Salmonella, Alar on apples, Temik (aldicarb) in watermelon, and on and on. And although it may appear that these outbreaks are isolated and unrelated situations, a common thread runs through all of these occurrences.

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