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Friday, 01 July, 2005

Edition 24 of 2005, Friday, 01 July 2005

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South Africans are spending the bulk of their incomes on improving their homes as more people become homeowners. This was found by a study that was done by the University of Cape Town, the Customer Equity Company and other research surveys. South Africans' homes are central to their identity, with 76 percent of the respondents feeling that their homes reflected their position in society.

However, according to Dave's weekly article the question is, to buy or not to buy?
A recent article in the paper caught his attention. It was a heartbreaking story about families being evicted from their apartments because a developer had purchased the property and sold units to prospective buyers. The families were now being evicted to make way for the renovators and new owners. Read more in The Property Game

While the debate is on in South Africa, Zimbabweans have to share homes. The demolition of shacks and unauthorised dwellings in a sweeping government blitz has spawned a new housing crisis in Zimbabwe's townships, where families are resorting to sharing scarce space in the few homes left standing. In some instances, a single home is being shared by five families, on average about 25 people, some of whom sleep on floors and share one bathroom between them.

They call it the Panoramic route - From the crest of Mount Anderson look down 1,000 metres to South Africa's largest man made forest and the town of Sabie which boasts the largest sawmill in South Africa and that is where we will be focusing this week, Focus on Sabie, Mphumalanga, South Africa

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BUYING - No more easy money

Over the past few years it has become increasingly difficult to make 'easy money' by quick buying and selling in the South African property market. This is due to the introduction of capital gains tax as well as other new tax legislation aimed at tightening up property transactions from a tax perspective, according to Sotheby's International Realty's Schalk van der Merwe...

>> The Property Game - To buy or not to buy - that is the question.

Supplied by Dave Welmans www.thepropertygame.co.za

A recent article in the paper caught my attention. It was a heartbreaking story about families being evicted from their apartments because a developer had purchased the property and sold units to prospective buyers. The families were now being evicted to make way for the renovators and new owners. Without getting into the legalities of the issue, and there are many, it is the lack of ownership that creates the final problem. Is it better to rent or buy in today's environment?

>> House bubbles, froth and dry rot

Both termites and dry rot can silently and invisibly devour a house. A house price bubble can be far easier to recognise, and yet ten times more difficult to accept, and also ten times more destructive, leading to utter loss of property, house and ownership. Termites and dry rot can be insured against, but there is no premium big enough to buy a stupidity policy.

>> Focus on Sabie, Mpumalanga, South Africa

Central to this route is Blyde River Canyon, the third largest canyon in the world.

On entering the Panoramic Route via Long Tom Pass from Lydenburg, at 2,149 metres above sea-level you travel along the highest tarred road in South Africa. It gets its name from the cannons used by the Boers against the British in 1900...

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Mpumalanga, Sabie


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>> City's property buyers to breathe more easily

Property buyers and professionals dealing with property transfers will be able to breathe more easily from Monday when an electronic rates clearance system becomes operational in the city, enabling rates clearance certificates to be processed within a week.

At present, conveyancers and transferring agents often have to wait three months.

About 100 applications to the City of Cape Town are made daily for municipal clearance, which is needed for applications to be lodged in the deeds office and transfer of ownership of property to take place...

>> Have fun - With Douglas Kruger
Hi, from Douglas Kruger!

As South Africans, we rarely think about operating on a world-class level. Lately, we've spent a great deal of time simply focusing on issues of corruption. Our mindsets need to change!

Being world-class - becoming known as a leader in your field - is less about your geography, than it is about your mindset. And you don’t have to be a large corporation before you can start thinking like a world-class one.


I’ve presented my session, ‘The 8 Imperatives of Being World Class’ for many South African companies. Here are 4 cornerstone ideas from the presentation, which you can use in your own efforts to move to the next level...

>> From Val Ludgrove Estates


Being Val's birthday on the 28 th of May, we decided to go on a lovely day trip spoiling us all with that a day off. We were going on the Outeniqua Power Van Trip .

Setting off on our “little adventure” we left for the George Railway Museum with some nice snacks for the picnic that's included in the trip. Well that vanished as soon as we got to the Museum thanks to Barney and Danie (Val's sons)…. Well, I guess we all had our fingers in the bowls actually!

Our trip started at the Museum taking us to experience the forest, four passes, waterfalls, six tunnels, fynbos, proteas, bird life, animal life and the panoramic picnic site at Power. Operating from February 1999 you can be sure of excellent service by highly trained staff. You can also expect to get some nice tips about the area that no one ever knew. More on a tragic note, you also get to pass the sight where famous cricketer Hansie Cronje's plane crashed 3 years ago.

Take a look at the nice pictures we took on our trip. A real inspiration to do the trip yourself next time your down!

The excellent visibility form their trolleys and intimate atmosphere makes a Powervan excursion different from any other rail experience.

Article by Val Ludgrove Estates

>> Software at its best!

CyberAgent New Development Module

The New Development Module module has been developed to assist estate agencies to market and sell New Development properties. Up until now agencies had to contact us whereby we had to develop web pages to accommodate these new developments at a cost. These developments were also only available on the agencies website only and not on all linked websites (www.cyberprop.com, www.real-estate-south-africa.com, www.cellproperty.com and www.sundaytimesproperty.com).

This module will enable agencies to add the following information about each and every development:

  • Location information (Province, City and Suburb)

  • Main note / write-up on the development

  • Status of the development

  • Meta keywords for search engine optimization

  • Main picture

  • A picture of the site plan

  • Building specifications

  • Progress reports including pictures

  • Units
    • Unit Description

    • Selling price

    • Square meter

    • Bedrooms

    • Bathrooms

    • Garages

    • Private Garden

    • Other 1 and 2

    • Estimate Levi

    • Panoramic field to insert third party reference

    • Unit status (e.g. Now selling)

    • Unit notes

    • Notes on extras

    • Picture of the unit

    • Floor plan of the unit

    • Linked properties to this unit

    • Unit number

    • Status of unit (e.g. Sold)

    • Link reference to the property in the Property Manager

It is not necessary to complete all the fields/sections. If the information is not supplied it will not be displayed. All note fields may contain HTML tags like for instance a bold heading.

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