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Friday, 01 April, 2005

Edition 12 of 2005, Friday, 01 April 2005

Dear Reader,

It might be April fools day today but from today all South Africans receiving social grants will have to verify their eligibility to receive a grant as the state steps us its campaign to root our fraud and corruption in the system of administering grants.

Last night I attended the launch of a new golf estate in Pretoria North. Bantu Holomisa was one of the guest speakers and had the following to say about the property market in South Africa.

  • The Property Industry is booming due to low interest rates
  • More Black South Africans are moving into urban areas

He urged South Africans to continue investing in the property industry as South Africa must be a winner at the end of the day.

But is it NOW the time to invest? This is the question that you must keep in mind when you read the weekly article by Dave Welmans of the Property Game.

Unlucky 118? This number is fast becoming unlucky for sellers of property in SA cities. Lately this number is linked to a new clearance certificate policy in Johannesburg that has become a hurdle for sellers.

The West Coast is a region of contrast and beauty.The solitary coast's scenic beauty is challenged only by rich culinary experiences of plump mussels from the bay, crayfish in season or linefish pulled from the Benguela Currents' cold waters. Read more in Focus On, West Coast, Western Cape, South Africa

In Have fun this week we take a closer look at a night with shining armour - Once an impenetrable fortress repelling all invaders in the heart of the French Ardennes, Europe's biggest fortified castle is now luring tourists with offers of nights among the shining armour.


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>> Real Estate News - South Africa

Classic Opportunity for SA

Given that the whole world is your oyster, why choose SA?

I was born in Britain but spent part of my youth and initial working life in Durban. We bought a holiday home at Zimbali in 2002 for my family to escape the hot June, July and August months in the Middle East. I woke up to the potential of the place on our first holiday there...

>> The Property Game - Contrary investing II - Going against the herd.

Supplied by Dave Welmans www.thepropertygame.co.za

Is NOW the time to invest? Keep that question in mind while we examine what we think is happening to the SA property Market at the moment.

If you've been reading the press lately you'll have noticed an increasing amount of articles predicting the end of the property boom. Nowhere is this more noticeable in the slowdown in the category of luxury homes, i.e. homes above R1.6 million...

>> Unlucky 118

A new clearance certificate policy in Johannesburg is a hurdle for sellers

The number 118 is fast becoming unlucky for sellers of property in SA cities. First, the section 118 ruling by the constitutional court last year made landlords responsible for their tenants' municipal accounts. And section 118 (1a) of the Municipal Systems Act (MSA) stipulates that clearance certificates must be valid for 120 days, instead of the previous six to eight weeks...

>> Soweto's Sandton doesn't want dead neighbours

Residents in upmarket Diepkloof Extension, the "Sandton of Soweto", are furious over what appears to be an imminent invasion by the dead.

A private cemetery is being built within sight of their palatial homes in Zone 5, just 18 months after they successfully opposed the building of the home for the dead on a site adjacent to the present one.

Soweto's elite - including football supremo and Orlando Pirates boss Irvin Khoza - have spent decades building up the suburb and are unlikely to accept declining property values lying down...

>> Building costs go sky-high

Rapidly rising building prices could begin to distort demand and supply patterns in the property market, cautions ERA South Africa group CEO, Gerhard Kotzé.

“Building cost inputs are rising rapidly – and in most instances well beyond the inflation rate. Indeed, the Bureau for Economic Research (BER) has reported that building costs rose 13,5 percent in the last quarter of 2004, although the CPIX inflation rate for December was just 4,3 percent...

>> False Bay's coastline has a new face!

THE redevelopment of the Calder's Kings Hotel in Fish Hoek is expected to spark off the renaissance of the South Peninsula's False Bay coastline, an area that has hitherto been undervalued.

This is the belief of André de Villiers, principal of Chas Everitt International's False Bay franchise who was born in 10th Avenue and schooled at Fish Hoek Primary and High...

>> Focus on the West Coast, Western Cape, South Africa

Set along the banks of the tidal Kowie River, this picturesque seaside holiday resort has more sunshine days than any other town along the coast, with many attractions and activities on offer.

Picturesque Port Alfred is a favourite seaside holiday resort with a friendly, relaxed atmosphere, situated exactly halfway between East London and..

View Properties in the Western Cape | View Properties in Saldanha

>> Property of the week

Western Cape, Langebaan, Calypso Beach

Price: R1 900 000
3 storeys - Guest house potential - Holiday Letting - 3 garages - Lazer alarm - Intercom...

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>> Newsletter from Val Ludgrove
Tel: 044 533 4047
Email: Ludgrove@global.co.za
Fax: 044 533 4272

Issue 3
21 March 2005
We at Val Ludgrove Real Estate would like to thank all our clients for their best wishes, congratulations, complements and
visits to our new office in Longsips Drive. Also many thanks for all the goodies we received. We appreciate it all!!
We hope that you will enjoy our new office as much as we have the past month and many more months to come.
Send us your Postal Address and we will give the first 5 entries we receive a Golf Hamper.
This is a must to have so send those Postal Addresses NOW!!

3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms
Open plan Lounge & Dining
Room area. TV Lounge. Pub.
Patio with beautiful views &
Built-in Braai.
Double Garage.
Asking Price: R2, 650 000.00
2 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom unit
Upstairs apartment
Situated in secure complex.
Communal washing lines.
Swimming pool with braai facilities.
Access control.
Only 5 Minutes walk to the beach!
Asking Price: R650 000.00 neg.

Plett History: The San Conzales

In 1630 the San Conzales, in the company of two other ships, was returning from India to Portugal via the Cape route. Captained by Fernao Lobo de Menezes, the San Conzales was forced to cast anchor in the bay called Formosa due to bad leaking. The ship's fate was to be decided by the very men that perished with the boat. It was decided that the ship could be floated again should the water in the holds be pumped out. One man was sent down to clean out the pump. Not returning a second man went down to investigate and when he did not return one more went down to investigate. Sensing that something might be amiss the people in charge thought it wise to tie a rope to the fourth person going down. He discovered three dead bodies and almost died himself. (Presumable because of large amounts of carbon dioxide gas trapped in the bottom of the hold) By now arguments has aroused on the ship and 100 seamen left the ship to go on land. 133 sailors stayed behind believing that they could still save the ship. A southwesterly gale struck the bay on that night in August. The San Conzales and
the 133 men that stayed on board perished.

Seeing what happened to the ship the 100 survivors began building habitations using what ever they could find. Captain Menezes, realizing that he was not fit to continue his rein gave the men permission to select another leader. They elected Roque Borges.

The survivors settled in and began building on their two vessels that would take them home. Finding the soil was excellent they planted various seeds such as pumpkin, melons, cucumbers, onions and coriander. They also lived of the rice and other foodstuffs rescued from the ship and fish caught in the bay. It is also known that they traded with the Koi-San people for cows and sheep. The stayed 8 months. And thus the story of the first European visitors to Bahia Formosa.

What's happening in Plettenberg Bay?

Marlin washed up on Robberg Beach
On Tuesday, 8 February, a Blue Marlin was found washed up at Robberg Beach. It is generally thought that the Blue Marlin is found only in warm water, more towards the North rather than South Coast. Charlie Lillford of Ocean Blue said that Blue Marlin cannot survive in water where there is a sudden drop in the Ocean temperature. Should the water drop below 17 Degrees, the Marlin will not be able to survive. This one definitely did not survive due to the sudden drop in temperature in our waters.

Birds of Eden Grand Opening
Birds of Eden will be having their Grand Opening on the
27th of April 2005. Situated at The Crags, Plettenberg Bay, next to Monkey Land you can expect to have a spectacular walk through the natural forest in the valley, with waterfalls and many exotic birds. Food and wine will be on offer!

4 Bedrooms, 4 Bathrooms
2 Kitchens, 2 Lounges
2 Dining rooms, Sunroom
Huge storage space under house
Automated Double Garage
Intercom system & Alarm
Swimming Pool
You want it all…. You have found it all! Stunning views are also included in this great deal.
Was: R6, 500 000.00 Now Only: R5, 200 000.00

>> Have fun - A night with shining armour
We all know the pitfalls of 'living above our means', but few people probably know how to do the opposite and live below our means. It is a well known fact that whether people earn R5000 or R50 000 they usually tend to live a life that uses up every last cent of their pay cheque...

>> Be in the frontline

Cell Phone enquiries from the public
Buyers driving past your advertising boards will be able to see an unique Internet Number allocated to the specific property. They will then sms that number to 35476 and will receive an sms back with all the details of the property. At the same time the agent / agency will also be informed of a potential buyer. How's that for technology working for you! The cost - mahala! Free to all CyberAgent subscribers.

Here's a diagram on the way this process will work...

  1. Agent captures the details of the property and pictures into CyberAgent
  2. Agent updates the property to the Internet
  3. The Internet server sends back a unique number for that property
  4. Agent puts up his "For Sale" board together with our SMS board
  5. Potential buyer sees the "SMS" board and sms's the unique number to the Internet server
  6. The Internet server sends back an sms with all the property details and a link to the website where he/she can view pictures on the property

If you would like to know more about the above features and benefits that CyberAgent offer, visit: www.cyberagent.co.za or email: sales@cyberprop.com

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