Pet-loving sellers could be at a disadvantage
Many people feel that a home without a pet is just a house, and are happy to let their four-legged friends roam their residences unrestricted – but a pet-soiled home can put off potential buyers.

Martin Schultheiss, CEO of the giant Homenet estate agency group says that agents frequently have to tackle the subject of pets with home sellers. The topic can be a difficult one to broach, given its sensitivity, but ignoring the issue could cost a sale.

“Attending to the issue is just as important as tidying up the garden or repairing a broken window. It’s all about first impressions. Even the most well trained animals leave unmistakeable signs of their presence in a home and potential buyers can easily be put off by pet damage and odours.”

Fortunately, there are a number of quick and easy things homeowners with pets can do to prevent this happening. Before putting a house on show, for example, open the windows and use a proprietary brand of deodorizer.

Also vacuum thoroughly, especially areas animals have frequented such as beds or couches.

For a really comprehensive clean, have any carpets professionally cleaned and treated for pests such as fleas.

Owners hould also wipe down all areas that have been “decorated” with paw prints. Any windowsills, counter tops or doors that have received a pet’s signature need to be cleaned, or if necessary, painted.

Tend to the garden. Fill up any holes dug by dogs and pick up any droppings as these are likely to put buyers off even if they have pets of their own.

And finally, come show day, remove any animals from the premises and pack away their toys, bowls and beds. “Indeed,” says Shultheiss, “the less to indicate that animals have lived there, the better.”

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