Chas Everitt International now thinking ‘green’
Chas Everitt International has become the first major real estate group in SA to “go green” and commit publicly to conduct all its business in an environmentally conscious way.

“We are resolved to engage in a process in which we will search for opportunities to make environmentally sensitive management decisions,” says group MD Berry Everitt.

“We will encourage everyone in the group to follow suit, not only in their business environments, but also in their personal lives. It is only at this level, where people take responsibility day-to-day, that real change can be effected.

“We are convinced that we, as one of the country’s foremost real estate companies, can make a contribution and that our enthusiasm will be an example worth following in a wider community.”

Everitt says the group realises that this is the beginning of a process and that it will not be an overnight transformation.

“We are, however, committed to make a difference and will encourage the estate agency industry as a whole to embark on a similar quest.”

The group will also run competitions to raise awareness of environmental matters and will foster ideas that can be implemented in the workplace to conserve energy and resources and to protect the environment, he says.

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