Fun with Easter Eggs

Blowing Out Eggs

Making your own Easter eggs is a fun way to celebrate Easter. You can decorate your eggs as simple or fancy as you want! Create a tradition by decorating eggs every year. Before you can decorate the eggs, you need to get the inside of the egg out, without breaking the shell! It's really quite simple to do. How? You blow the egg out.

Gather together these things:

  • eggs
  • a needle
  • a bowl

Using the needle, poke a small hole in the narrow end of the egg, and a slightly larger hole in the other end. Move the pin around to make sure you tear the membrane around the yolk. Now, holding the egg over the bowl, blow through the small hole. The egg will be forced out the larger hole and into the bowl. Make sure you rinse the egg well with water - I'll leave it up to you to work out a way, but if you get stuck, email me! Oh! What to do with the egg-innards? If it is for yourself, you can make the eggs into a nice omlete or quiche. If doing this with a class, you might not want to use the eggs for reasons of health regulations. Your eggs are now ready to decorate. Let your imagination run wild!

You can use any of these things to decorate your eggs:

  • paints
  • ribbons
  • sequins
  • glitter
  • lace
  • colored foil
  • felt tip pens
  • fabric scraps
  • tassels
  • dye kit

Use candles to drip wax onto eggs. When the wax sets, dip the egg into some dye. Take the egg out and let it drain. You can either peel the wax off or you can drip some more on and dip it in a different colour. Just another hint - use the lighter colours first. When you have finished, carefully peel off the wax.

Don't forget any supplies you may need, such as paint brushes, water, glue, and scissors. If you don't want to use real eggs, you may be able to find egg shapes made out of styrofoam, papier mache, or wood at your favorite arts and crafts store.

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