Who cares who the next president is?

Seeff heavyweight says it’s not the person that’ll dictate property market sentiment.

As debate around investment sentiment under the next South African president gathers steam, Seeff heavyweight Ian Slot has raised his head above the parapet to say that the identity of the next president is not that important.

Last week, Pam Golding Properties chief executive officer Andrew Golding aired his views on how the real estate market might fare with Jacob Zuma, accused of corruption and acquitted of rape, at the country's helm.

Zuma has emerged as a likely successor to President Thabo Mbeki.

Golding's take was that, past the initial shock, we would all get on with it and it would be business as usual.

Adding his voice to the debate this week, Slot issued a statement in which he said he does not believe the identity of the president is the most important factor when it comes to property market sentiment.

Instead, Slot believes the current political process will be the decider.

"The current power struggle in the ANC and ensuing election can certainly have an impact on the property market," said Slot, who is managing director of Seeff Atlantic Seaboard, CBD and City Bowl.

It is "not about the person or the personality, but more about the electoral process and the political rhetoric that takes place in the run up to and during the elections".

"If the political rhetoric and proposed policies that accompany the electoral process are perceived to be inappropriate, that would obviously have a negative effect on the market, but if the process and what is debated and how it is debated are seen as positive, then our market will continue to thrive, irrespective of who is elected," he said.

Article from: www.realestateweb.co.za