“I want to buy before I sell!”

"We have come across a number of buyers that want to view properties, and find something they like before they put their own property on the market to sell. We also have serious sellers, who are not particularly interested in accepting an offer that contains a suspensive condition where the buyer still has to sell their property."

Can you imagine if you are seriously looking to buy another property and come across your dream home with exactly what you've been looking for, only to find that the seller is not prepared to accept your offer, as it contains a condition that you have to sell your own home?

There's absolutely nothing wrong with making an offer with a condition that you first have to sell your property. However it's highly recommended that before you do, you ask your agent to give you a fair and realistic value on your own property, so that when you do find a seller that's prepared to accept your offer with a suspensive condition, it doesn't come crashing down when you cannot sell your own home because you expected more money than what buyers are prepared to pay.

One must be very realistic and understand that market forces will prevail and that you will have to pay a realistic price for the home that you want; and on the other hand you will also have to accept a realistic price for your property, otherwise it won't sell.

There are buyers that are "over optimistic" about what they can get and go in making offers that are low on properties that they would like to buy, but would not accept a realistic offer on their own property. You can't buy cheap and sell expensive.

If you want to buy before you sell, do your sums. After all it is the buyers and not the sellers that dictate the property price.

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Article by: Anthony van der Riet - www.realtyexecutives.co.za