2010 FIFA World Cup™ fever in Cape Town & Western Cape
The world is coming to us and the excitement in Cape Town is palpable. For the locals, the 2010 FIFA World Cup™ goes beyond the football – it ignites our sense of pride in all the Western Cape has to offer and we can’t wait to knock your football socks off with the adventures that await you here. The Western Cape won’t be what you expect it to be, and only one thing is a certainty: the region will blow your expectations out of the water.

Visit the Beyond The 90 Minutes website to find out more about the matches, the masses of activities available in the Western Cape besides watching the football, as well as all the essential info required for visiting our beautiful country. View jam-packed itineraries for all kinds of travellers and fans like you from around the world.

When Long Street in downtown Cape Town was closed off to cars for the all-important FIFA Final Draw to determine the matches played in the city, the vibrancy of the crowd on that day gave visitors present in the throng of revellers a small taste of things to come. People still speak of the carnival atmosphere at the street party afterwards which was an all night celebration of football and fun at Long Street’s numerous bars, cafes and restaurants. The best part? It was only the beginning.

Come. Fly the colours of your country’s flag in our Rainbow Nation. Cheer. Shout. Blow a vuvuzela with other supporters at the matches. Then, when the game is finished, remember there is much much more to do, see, taste, explore and learn about in our cosmopolitan corner of the planet.

Stand at the southernmost tip of the African continent and see where the Indian and Atlantic Oceans meet while the cold wind blusters around you. Follow the world’s longest wine route through the stunning Cape Winelands and sip on some the world’s most exquisite wines. Taste incredible homemade Cape Malay cuisine or eat traditional Xhosa food in one of the townships. Get your blood pumping by cage diving with Great White sharks or kitesurfing in one of the best kitesurfing spots in the world. Book a safari on horseback to view our impressive wildlife or, if you prefer party animals to elephants and lions, you’ll be spoiled for choice for your kind of watering hole.

Article from: www.tourismcapetown.co.za