A Home Makeover with a Difference!

This exciting initiative, now in it's second year involves selecting a Children’s Home and giving them a Home Makeover, transforming them into bright, new, comfortable and stimulating home environments for the children who live there.

If you are interested in participating in this rewarding project or prepared to donate materials that can be used please contact the Chas Everitt office near you or Tracey Everitt.

A children's home in the Western Cape has been selected by the managing committee for 2009. Criteria for the selection process was determined to guarantee both a deserving choice but also an effective and exciting transformation. Our managing committees consist of community minded brokers, agents and staff from Chas Everitt International.

www.ceihomemakeover.co.za will be covering the projects progress and expose the sponsors and provide details of how the project is being run and related events.

Chas Everitt International believes that this project will generate a great deal of excitement and interest and are in negotiations for a leading TV Programme to cover the event.

Become a sponsor

Three levels of sponsorship have been established. Platinum Sponsor level, which involves major donors supporting the project nationally and two lower levels, Gold Sponsor and a Silver Sponsor (for companies that fund the project under an amount of R15 000.

In order to complete this project effectively Chas Everitt has been registered as a non-profit organisation under the name CEI Charitable Projects. A constitution has been devised, which includes the objectives as well as the rules and regulations for this organisation. This will also enable Chas Everitt to perform more charity events in the future.

For more information contact Tracy Everitt at 0860 104 355

Article from: www.ceioverseasproperties.co.za