Focus on St. Francis Bay, Eastern Cape, South Africa

The picturesque holiday village of St Francis Bay lies nestled among the green clad dunes lining the beautiful Bay of St Francis. Dolphins and whales play along the shoreline while the sounds of gulls echo lazily overhead. The Kromme River, navigable for 10 km, twists and winds its tranquil way down to a magnificent marina where the gracious white walled thatched homes are reflected in the quiet water of the canals.

The Bay - a magnificent white, gently sloping beach provides safe bathing as well as some of the finest rock and surf angling on the East Coast. The bay itself is world famous for its waves and is frequented by surfers from all over South Africa and overseas.

A Small Boat Harbour lies in a sheltered nook of the bay and provides a picturesque setting and safe anchorage for calamari boats, pleasure craft and ocean going yachts. Shops and a hotel will soon complete the development. An airport nearby caters for those who wish to fly.


St Francis Lighthouse
Marks one of the 'corners' of the African coast. It was erected to warn ships of the presence of a reef that protrudes beyond Sea Point, almost a kilometer out to sea.

Hiking - Sand River
If you are lucky, you may see the beautiful Crystal Pools. The water in the Sand River flows underground, over the hard rocky substrate that underlines the dunes. After heavy rains, the water table rises to form Crystal Pools.

Eco Boat Cruises
Enjoy boat cruises around the Bay. You'll discover abundant bird and marine life - including penguins, whales and dolphins. Boats may not venture closer than 300m to any whale.

River Cruises
Explore the upper reaches of the Kromme River on a comfortable motor launch. Stop over at Stony Boma River Camp for a picnic or barbeque. After lunch, relax or go for a hike, canoeing, fishing or birding on the river.

A photographer in the 60's Bruce Brown, searched the world for the Perfect Wave. He found it at St Francis Bay, and named it 'Bruce's Beauties' - St Francis Bay is one of the world's great surf spots.

Marina Cruise
Take an hour-long trip and sip a soothing drink or two as you experience South Africa's own 'Little Venice' aboard a comfortable cruiser.

Irma Booysen Flora Reserve
The Reserve lies within 200m of the Cape St. Francis Resort. A walk through the reserve is a must-do for all lovers of fynbos. Maps and plant guides are available at the Resort's reception office.


Feedback on property sales in St. Francis Bay from Chas Everitt International Property Group

Below are the All Sales for 2008 in St. Francis Bay, Freehold and Sectional Title. Please note that these figures could change, as I work with the information supplied by the Cape Town Deeds Office, and as we are all aware it takes time to register a property, but will keep you updated during the year.

You may be wondering, if you have a house for sale in the Santareme area here why the agents are not doing their jobs and bringing clients to view your property. Well the following graph says it all.

As you can see most of the interest has been in the village and the canal areas. But we tend to go through stages in St. Francis of areas that sale, so we will wait to see what the choice of preference will be in 2009.

The most interesting information is your investment growth as a property owner here. I have taken only the canals to show you, but all the areas in St. Francis Bay are still showing growth. This graph shows the average price paid for Freehold-Developed Property on the canals. As seen in the graph, in 2006 the average price was R3million, but now during 2008 this figure has grown to an average of R5 million.

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