There’s a great future in micro-franchising

For many matriculants and students, this is a worrying time of year – not only because of exams but also because their employment prospects are poor even after they have qualified, and they are desperately wondering how they will make a living in future.

“Meanwhile for those people already employed, low inflation means that current salary growth prospects are not great either, “ says Chas Everitt International sales director Barry Davies. “But fortunately South Africans and SA companies such as ours are beginning to take note of the success elsewhere in the world of the micro-franchising concept, which is being hailed by many in the international development community as a great tool for creating real prosperity.”

It is well-known, he says, that there is a direct correlation between the strength of the franchise economy in any country and the average per-capita income of its residents. “There is no doubt that franchises create wealth, provide jobs, and increase incomes, but of course most traditional franchises are expensive.

“And this is where microfranchising steps in, as a business model where a significantly scaled-down price tag makes it accessible to individuals and small businesses, without losing any of the benefits of a powerful brand name or a proven operating system.”

Davies says Chas Everitt International believes real estate is one of the economic sectors in which micro-franchising can be most successfully applied – as per its Notebook® licence model which has already attracted more than 20 operators around the country.

“We specifically designed Notebook® to be used in smaller towns and specific areas where the size of the market would not justify the costs of establishing a full franchise, and it is absolutely true to the definition of micro-franchising in that it gives an operator full access to our strong brand and a rich array of support services without major start-up expenses or ongoing royalties.”

Condequently, he says, the company has plans to extend the concept into other areas that are critically underserved in real estate terms – notably the old townships but also country towns and villages where there are currently no estate agencies.

“There is huge potential in these areas for real estate entrepreneurs as well as for qualified, experienced business people who would like to write their own cheques for a change, and we believe that Notebook® is the ideal vehicle.”

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