NQF qualifications necessary for managing agents

Managing agents of sectional title schemes will, like estate agents and estate agency principals have to be in possession of NQF4 and NQF5 qualifications by the end of 2011 if they want their Fidelity Fund Certificates renewed (without these certificates they cannot operate legally). Furthermore, by 2013 all managing agents will, like estate agents, have to have completed the Professional Designation Exam (“PDE”).

Pointing this out recently, Michael Bauer, general manager of IHFM, the Cape sectional title managers, said that there are still some managing agents who resent these requirements and hope that their implementation will be indefinitely delayed.

“This,” he said, “is most unlikely to happen – and it is in the interests of the sectional title industry and property profession that it does not happen.”

Managing agents, like myself, he said, who have knuckled down and embarked on the required study will testify that the knowledge they are gaining is genuinely useful and will make them more competent and able to provide the public with better service.”

Bauer commented, in passing, that after April in 2011, inefficient managing agents may well find that they can be held accountable by the trustees and members not only in terms of the Sectional Title Act’s Prescribed Management Rules, but also in terms of the Consumer Protection Act. The rules for which, it is now known, will be promulgated in April 2011. The Act, said Bauer, is “radical” and will give the consumer (in this case body corporate members) protection against poor service at a level never seen before.

Article by: www.ihfm.co.za