Tips for making your own unique christmas decorations and presents.

Christmas time means a holiday full of cheer, family and guests and what better time to show off your creative talent then by decorating your house in homemade Christmas decorations that will give all your visitors something to admire, discuss and chat over? Below are several crafting ideas that will start off your creative flare for this year’s season.

Table Decorations: This year try going for a very simple and elegant table display. Place some pine cones into a large white bowl or platter dish on the table, sprinkle some cinnamon or pine oil on to emphasise the seasonal atmosphere.

Christmas Tree Decorations: To avoid an overcrowded busy looking Christmas tree try decorating your tree in a theme like using just white decorations, or be daring and try some of the non conventual Christmas decoration colours like blues and purples to give your Christmas tree a modern, sleek look. Avoid discount stores bulk boxes of ornaments as at the end of the day they look like just that, bargain boxes of decorations. Shop around and take your time in inexpensive stores for single, unique Christmas decorations. Don’t avoid expensive stores for decorations as quite often you will be pleasantly surprised at some of their low cost decorations or consider buying your decorations at after Christmas sales ready for the New Year.

Present wrapping: We all love the wrapping present time though not quite as much as we love receiving the present. Decorate your Christmas present with unique wrapping to awe your loved ones with. Use printed Christmas cloth as wrapping instead of paper and decorate with simple bows, or try using stamps and paints to decorate your own brown paper with a Christmas theme and attach some edible gift tags on. Edible gift tags are made by making cookies and writing to: and from: with icing.

If you are not into or simply don’t have the time to wrap presents, make use of stores' free wrapping services. These can be a great time saver and the quality wrapping is generally assured. Most places at Christmas have charities wrapping gifts for a small fee; this is a great way to take the Christmas load off you and help donate a little money at the same time, and after all it is the season for giving.

Gift Baskets: Gift baskets and food hampers are usually the gift we give someone that is hard to buy for or our work companions and bosses, however they can be expensive and most of the time contain unwanted items. I suggest making your own gift baskets up this year. Purchase some baskets then decide what your basket will include like how about making a chocolate basket, cookie Hamper, Beauty basket or a man’s shaving basket. Take the time to shop around for sale items to fill your basket and try sticking to a color theme where possible as it sets the basket off with a look of a well planned and designed gift.