Geyser: who pays?
In a sectional title complex, who is responsible for the excess payment to the insurance company for the replacement of a geyser?

My geyser was replaced without informing me. I only received an SMS message to say I must pay an excess amount of R1600.

Shouldn't the body corporate make provision for maintenance and repairs of geysers in the monthly levy amount? What are my rights as a sectional owner in this case?

In terms of prescribed management rule (PMR) 68(1)(vii) it is an owner’s responsibility to repair and maintain the geyser that serves his/her section. This includes replacement when the geyser cannot be repaired.

Additionally, in terms of PMR 29(4) the owner of a section is normally responsible for any excess payment in respect of his/her section payable in terms of a contract of insurance entered into by the body corporate. Therefore you, as the owner of the section that is served by the geyser and as the owner of the section in terms of which the insurance excess is payable, are responsible to pay the excess of R1600.

Article by: Jennifer Paddock -