Have Fun - Teen room decorating tips

Redecorating a teen room can be a challenge, but with these teen room decorating ideas, you will both be able to work together to create a unique haven for your teenager.

If your teenager's room hasn't been decorated since they were ten years old, and they're hiding their stuffed animals under the bed, it's definitely time to redecorate.

The very first thing you need to do is to sit down with your teenager and discuss his or her likes and dislikes.

You are decorating your teenager's space, and he or she will never be happy and comfortable unless you discuss teen room decorating ideas with them.

There are many teen room decorating ideas and styles to choose from that will not become obsolete a year down the road. Be sure to take into account the size of the room, your budget, and the practicality of the style.

Does your teenager love animals? Then the perfect teen room decorating idea is the Tropical Style. This is an extremely popular style these days, and it will be easy to find the materials, fabrics, and accessories you need.

This style uses comfort, warmth, and a strong sense of the exotic to create a teen room decorating style that will keep your teenager confident and inspired at the same time. Consider using different animal prints, palm trees, rattan furniture, leather accents, and grasscloth on the walls.

Furniture should be comfortable - think of sinking down into the soft down cushions of a zebra stripe couch - and generally on a large scale. However, the furniture and accessories should also fulfill a purpose in the room.

For example, the couch is so comfortable, it becomes your teenager's favorite reading spot. Or a tiger print trunk at the foot of the bed can double as storage space for shoes, bedding, DVDs, or anything that your teenager usually leaves strewn around his or her room.

Another teen room decorating idea is to use accent pieces made of wicker, bamboo, iron, or rattan, and keep fabrics lush and soft. A fake fur cheetah bedspread is a perfect choice.

You can mix animal print designs such as tiger stripes and leopard spots with animal images, such as a whimsical monkey lamp, a lion poster on the wall, or an elephant stool that can double as extra seating. Another great teen room decorating idea that will never go out of style is Shabby Chic. This style is characterized by a kind of tousled elegance.

Think of deep, comfortable upholstery that looks as if it's been acquired from a Parisian salon where it was well used by the glitterati around a century ago.

Keep in mind that "well-used" does not mean messy or ragged - it means it looks like it has had a long a rich life, and still has a long way to go.

Shabby Chic uses architectural details to lend the room an air of authenticity. Look for beveled glass doorknobs, intricate iron shelf brackets, or a brass art deco alarm clock.

Try to find some accessories that aren't brand new. Scour flea markets for large ornate painted candlestick holders with some of the paint chipped away to reveal the old iron underneath.

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