Making your holiday-home work for you?

Were you seduced by all that ozone and suntan lotion while on holiday? Did you go overboard and in the heady moment of sundowners and too many cocktails buy that gorgeous little cottage? Instead of kicking yourself as this property becomes a drain on your resources and is only abused by your kids and their friends outside of the three weeks you spend doing maintenance on it in December, think outside of the box and turn a rush of blood to the head into some good investment sense.

As the cost of property has skyrocketed innovative ways of making partial use property more affordable has seen the introduction of fractional ownership and property syndication. Even mixed-use urban property like Johannesburg's Melrose Arch and Cape Town's Fountain View is being marketed with a rental pool option. All are geared at containing costs or tackling the property ownership issue from the affordability and investment aspect.

The good news is that a brilliant new concept that has been sweeping the holiday property market in Europe has finally hit our shores.

The Holiday Homes Africa concept is simple yet elegant. Holiday Homes Africa have just launched a new service in South Africa whereby they will grade, market and even service your holiday property to local and international holiday travelers and potentially ensure a healthy return on 'Dad's Folly'.

Holiday Homes has turned traditional holiday home renting into an international syndicated and well-marketed concept. This way you can convert an existing property into a money generator or can opt to still completely own a property but recoup some of your costs through this rental scheme. At any stage, with appropriate notice, you can withdraw your property from the market and so still keep flexibility in how you deal with your property.

There are key factors the make this concept work:

  • A clear grading system.
  • A mean marketing machine to a responsive international market.
  • Zero cost outlay and low effort from the property owner.
  • Good property management for booking, servicing and money collection.

Former Avis Southern Africa chairman Glenn van Heerden heads the partnership of Holiday Homes Africa and European-based Cendant Vacation Rental Group up. Cendant Vacation Renal Group is a leader in UK and European holiday rentals.

Their aim is to reduce the frustration of finding, booking and using holiday property. Holiday Homes Africa is creating a comprehensive Internet-based inventory of high quality, graded properties. Initially the priority will be properties in Cape Town, the Garden Route and Durban. More will be added as the group expands.

Turn that holiday into a money generator. Go visit to find out more about this concept.

Article by: Dave Welmans -