Home Staging: No need to hire a professional

Home staging is an increasing popular trend in real estate. If you are selling your home you should at least aware of what this growing practice involves.

Home staging is a marketing strategy that encourages you to make your home as presentable as it can be to buyers by dressing the interior and exterior of your house so that it looks more like a model home. While there are a number of interior designers, experts, and even estate agents who can offer you advice on staging your home for sale, for most sellers a few simple tips can save you the expense of hiring a home stager.

Clean Is Key

The most important tip to remember when preparing your home for resale is to make it clean, clean, clean. The last thing a potential buyer will want to see is a sink full of dishes or a grimy bath. This may seem like a simple task, but the cleaner it looks the more interest it will receive.

Clear The Clutter

Another important tip when staging your home is to lose the clutter. Keeping rooms simple, modern, and tasteful is key. Also be sure that each room has a clear purpose and that everything in the room fits that purpose. This is also a good time to depersonalize your home. Remove family photos, personal collections, and anything else that may not appeal to potential buyers or that may detract from the features of your home.

Curb Appeal

When staging your home, don't forget to consider the appeal of the property itself. Be sure your front lawn is mowed and free of weeds, you have a tidy and presentable garden, and that the features of both the front and back yards are highlighted. You also want the potential of your property to be apparent to buyers who may want to make improvements.

There are some cases when you may also want to consider renting furniture or adding additional touches, but in most cases these simple steps can really make a big difference in getting the most for your home.

De Personalise

Of course our homes contain numerous things that we highly value but in the eyes of a buyer who is looking to potentially choose a property to make their home, it is a sound idea to de personalise the property. The posters the children have on their bedroom walls of their favourite pop group, drawings the children made that are stuck with pres-stick on the wall, the odds and ends that end up on the fridge are all part of living in your home but professional home stagers agree these serve to distract from creating the mental canvass that buyers need to see their family in the property and are best packed away for the new home or to put back out again after the sale is final. Of course it is important that you get the whole family on the “same page” about what you are trying to achieve.

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Article by: André de Villiers - www.ChasEveritt.co.za