News from Ieasa / How to sell a holiday home in winter

Homes are taking longer to sell – and holiday homes are luxuries that are currently low on many buyers’ priority lists.

What is more, winter is traditionally a time when it is rather difficult to entice prospective buyers to come and look at any show house, says Dr Willie Marais, national president of the Institute of Estate Agents (IEASA).

However, the midyear school holidays are coming up and all is not lost if you want or need to sell your holiday home during this period, he says. Tips to help ensure a successful sale include the following:

* Offer the home fully furnished, as many buyers in this market would prefer to avoid the cost of furnishing a holiday home themselves.

* Set the stage by making sure the home is scrupulously clean and inviting. Repaint if necessary, clean up all clutter and replace worn furnishings.

* Advertise the bottom line. Let prospective buyers know what rental income the property could achieve by asking your estate agent to provide figures.

* Give prospective buyers a taste of the good life – by letting them stay in the home for free or a reduced fee for a few days while they inspect it. This will save them hotel or other accommodation costs and give them the opportunity to fall under the spell of your property. However, do make sure your estate agent first vets prospective buyers to prevent freeloaders taking advantage of your offer.

* And finally, choose an agent who specialises in holiday homes or has a fair degree of experience marketing this type of property. Agents who themselves live in the area will have inside knowledge of the local market and be able to point out the general attractions to buyers, while real estate firms that also offer property management services should be able to generate interest among their rental clients and investors.

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