New development for Montecasino

An exciting new hotel and office development is nearing completion.

Over the past few months, Fourways residents have watched with interest as The Pivot development has sprung up in the Montecasino precinct. Offering over 16 000 square metres of premier office space as well as a luxurious four-star 200-room Southern Sun hotel, The Pivot (a joint venture between Abland, Tsogo Sun and Absa) will offer workspace, accommodation and select service retail offerings all in one space.

Kevin Page, Director of Development for the Tsogo Sun Group, explains that The Pivot development aims to be a successful fusion between a hotel development and office development in a pleasant environment with entertainment and restaurants on its doorstep.

"There was a requirement on Montecasino for three things: to increase our parking onsite; to create another hotel in the order of 200 rooms (in order to increase the room stock on the property to the 600-plus mark) and to find the correct way to maximise the location of this pocket of land," he says.

"In collaboration with Abland, we felt that offices would complement the daytime usage of Montecasino. Until now, we've been predominantly an off-peak destination - busiest after hours and on weekends. This is an exciting business opportunity as we've found that offices and hotels work well together. The Pivot also offers a conference centre of 1200 square metres, which completes the package."

Steve Howell, General Manager of Montecasino, notes that "over the past eight years Montecasino has grown to become one of Gauteng's most visited and prestigious venues, and we're very excited about the latest addition to our multi-faceted lifestyle destination. Called The Pivot, the name says it all: a central point around which everything happens. And this is certainly very true of the Montecasino precinct."

Tenants in the classy new office blocks will enjoy the close proximity to Montecasino's many attractions, from its theatres and restaurants to the Bird Gardens, as well as the select service retail available onsite. Every convenience, from a coffee shop set in the landscaped courtyard to hairdressers, dry cleaners and printers, has been considered.

Occupants will also enjoy access to certain hotel facilities, including a Venetian-themed restaurant and an old world styled bar area - the perfect spot for an informal meeting or a Friday evening cocktail.

Further draw cards for the office development include the safe parking, beautiful manicured garden areas and easy access to major highways.

Tenants will benefit from the established Montecasino infrastructure, including security, power and telecommunications (both Telkom and Neotel). They can also choose to make the most of use of Abland's A to Z range of services, from arranging IT infrastructure to assisting tenants with artwork procurement, sourcing furniture and even the moving process itself.

Each office block has its own core area including elevators, stairs and toilet facilities and pockets of rentable space range in size from 50 square metres to 13 000 square metres. Occupation of The Pivot offices is expected to take place from 1 May 2010.


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