News from Building Centre - New security systems


New security systems on display at the Building Centre, have reinforced louvres and transparent burglar bars.

The crime situation in South Africa being what it is, it will come as no surprise to the public that the Cape Town Building Centre finds security systems of all kinds, close to the top of the list of products for which there is a strong demand, says Jamie Heathcote-Marks – and the good news, he adds, is that the systems are increasingly sophisticated and efficient, capable of making homes or offices genuinely safe.

“There was a time,” said Heathcote-Marks, “when on the domestic front, criminals were ahead.  That stage can now be put behind us because the products available these days are too good to be circumvented.”

Two new exhibits at the Building Centre are both in a class of their own and bear witness to what he has said.

The first is an adjustable aluminium security louvre shutter.  Although light and elegant in appearance, its louvres are reinforced internally with high tensile steel rods which extend into the framing components, the stiles, making the shutter virtually indestructible.

The shutters are locked with a three point universal key lock system which helps make the whole system as good as the most solid burglar bars while adding great architectural appeal to a home. 

“Unlike some intruder prevention systems,” said Heathcote-Marks, “this one is aesthetically attractive.  The shutters can be made in almost any size and are available in powder coated or anodized aluminium form and in a range of colours. 

Aluminium units (even though steel reinforced) are particularly well suited to the Cape and KwaZulu Natal coastal areas as they cannot rust.

The second new system to go on display at the Building Centre is made up of totally transparent polycarbonate burglar bars.

“Once fitted they are simply not visible,” said Heathcote-Marks, “and this is particularly useful where, for example, they are used in full length glazed doors and windows.  Looking in or out, the view is in no way impaired and yet the bars are as strong as the standard steel or iron bars that are traditionally used to keep burglars out.”

The company, Multi-Safe, which developed the technology in the US, will measure up the doors and windows of your home to ensure that you get an exact fit.”

This product is likely to become standard on most homes. 

For further information contact Rene or Cheryl on 021 685 3040 at the Building Centre or for the shutters, American Shutters on 0860 748 8837 or 021 510 7800 and for the burglar bars, Ian Gonsalves on 084 510 0401.