Stor-age targeting rental estate agents for World Cup

SA Self Storage Investments (SASSI) along with its management company, Stor-Age Self Storage (currently the fastest growing self-storage group in South Africa), have launched a service which enables estate agents handling the letting of homes over the World Cup period to store valuable goods at one of their multiple Stor-Age locations, in complete safety away from the tenants’ attentions.

Steven Horton, a Director of SASSI, said that Stor-Age will reserve any number of units for agents requiring them and will pay the agent a commission on all bookings received.

“Our reading of the situation right now,” said Horton, “is that there is a huge optimism about rental prospects offered for World Cup visitors - but there is also an accompanying fear of what un-vetted, unknown tenants from overseas might do to the property.”

For this reason, said Horton, many prospective landlords are looking for temporary storage facilities for their more precious items such as plasma TV screens, sentimental items, expensive cutlery, paintings, valuable furniture and the like.

“As the letting agent is often at the forefront of the entire operation, he or she is the right person to be contacting Stor-Age, said Horton. “Ultimately this is a value-add service, as it makes the letting agent’s proposition more attractive.”

Stor-Age has five conveniently located stores in Cape Town and Johannesburg (with a further seven to come on stream over the next 12 months). Their units vary in size from one cubic metre lockers to 30 m² lock-up spaces. In every case the renters hold the keys and they can gain access 24 hours a day, seven days a week under strict security provisions.

Stor-Age’s services include a free pick-up van for clients living within the nearby surrounds of each of the stores and the provision, through their in-store retail outlets, of packing materials such as locks, boxes, bubble wrap, tape, mattress covers and other additional ancillary items required for storage.

Horton said that Stor-Age would soon mount a further campaign to publicise their services to all estate agents.

“We are increasingly aware that, although the World Cup has focused attention on the need for temporary storage of domestic goods, estate agents deal daily with people going through a life changing event, such as moving home, relocating, renovating, downsizing and the like. In these circumstances there is often a need for self storage - as there is when businesses undergo similar changes.”

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