Rama City: There will be beautiful parks…

There’s nothing more forlorn-looking than a huddle of new homes just standing in the bare veld, with a dusty track their only connection to civilisation.

And it is precisely to avoid this depressing scenario that the developers of Rama City, the new town being established to the north-west of Pretoria, have made parks, trees and paved roads an integral part of their plans.

Conceptualised by renowned urban design firm GAPP, the residential areas in the town will in fact be laid out around a series of large, well-treed parks that will not only function as their “green lungs” but as hubs of community life and social interaction.

The town development plan also provides for local facilities such as schools, clinics, crèches, community halls and churches to be clustered around the neighbourhood parks, and to make the sports facilities in the parks available to the schools.

The parks will then be linked by a system of pedestrian paths and tree-lined streets to create an eco-friendly open space network for the town and at the same time make the town centre and the adjacent main transport nodes easily and safely “walkable” for all residents.

Rama City is being developed on a 470ha site by professional developer Rama Horizon Developments in partnership with the Rama Community Property Association (RCPA) and will ultimately encompass some 10 000 new homes.

The overall vision for the development is based on sustainable principles of mixed-use, integrated housing and employment opportunities, and a key element is to encourage the use of public transport rather than private vehicles, and to make pedestrian circulation safe and easy.

Article by: www.ramacity.co.za