Intagible factors sometimes make it difficult to value a home

Professional property valuers, says Anton du Plessis, CEO of Vineyard Estates, can be invaluable in establishing the correct price of a home for sale – but, he adds, there are instances in which they cannot capture the real value of a home because they have no way of pricing appeal, charm and the “intangible magic” that characterises certain homes.

“Valuers are forced to work to a set of objective criteria and standards and to someone like myself, who is fanatical about pricing correctly, their systems and opinions can be very useful. However, once in a while a home will give off an aura, an atmosphere which immediately sets it apart from others.”

Asked to explain this, du Plessis said that it is inexplicable but it can be put to the care taken of the home over many years, the views, the décor, the garden plants, the position of the trees – and 101 other factors which combine.

“What I find interesting is that virtually all potential buyers pick up charm, a good atmosphere, almost at once. It may be intangible but it is a reality and such homes deserve to be priced higher than might at first seem appropriate.”

There are also many occasions where valuers will phone me and ask my opinion about a certain property. A good valuer will acknowledge that an experienced agent will know about subtle value differences that he may not be aware of – where one side of a particular road is more valuable than the other for example. This sort of information is vital to the accuracy of a professional, balanced valuation.

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