Witness home transformations in My Makeover

The Home Channel, DStv channel 55, introduces a fresh local programme that will tell renovation stories – both successful and disastrous – featuring everyday South African’s, in a new series entitled, My Makeover.

With property back in vogue, it’s become fashionable to be house proud, and especially if you’re a home owner who has turned a pumpkin property into a Cinderella home.

Like your first baby, first car, wedding….there are pictures and even video footage documenting this milestone, and most are not shy to show to off either.

A renovation is no different and that’s why The Home Channel has called on South Africans to share their home makeover stories.

From the, Cape Town, to the South of Johannesburg to Frankfort in the

Free State, viewers have been emailing makeover@thehomechannel.co.za sharing their personal experiences ….

My renovation has ended up being a total renovation and the learning’s have been great, painful, exciting etc. etc. - a real emotional rollercoaster. – Charnelle Bruton

Our builder was fantastic and finished a day early, with only a sticking door on the “snag” list to be fixed when we got back from holiday. – Simon Wade

Along the way, my wife gave birth to twin boys, the roof collapsed and the retaining wall burst sending 9 tons of concrete flowing through my neighbours yard (fortunately he has a sense of humour). – Ian Lester

The Home Channel encourages viewers to communicate regularly and we enjoy seeing how a little creativity and a small budget can be used to transform a space. My Makeover allows viewers to be involved and to inspire other viewers to take up the challenge of a home make over project on whatever scale. This project can be of any size or nature, but must have been completed by the viewer themselves.

The Home Channel will select one project per week to be featured in My Makeover. Presented by Teresa Alho, My Makeover will go on location to meet the viewer and film the end result. The series will be 13 episodes of approx 7 – 10 minutes, broadcast a minimum of 4 times per weekend.

For further information:

Please contact: Elana Closenberg 011 280 5748 / 082 555 1521

Next week we will be taking a closer look at the presenter, Teresa Alho

Article By: www.thehomechannel.co.za