Any season of the year can be good

If you are thinking of selling your home, it will interest you to know that demand does tend to vary from month to month and from season to season, says Mike Greeff, Chief Executive of Greeff Properties, but this, he adds, should not deter anybody from marketing their home as and when it suits them.

“The early months of the year traditionally see a big increase in the number of homes available and in sales turnover. This is, of course, due to the promotions, retirements, redundancies and staff changes that take place at that time of year as well as to school changes and the start of university studies,” says Greeff. “The good weather also plays an important role at this time, especially here in the Cape where we do not have summer thunderstorms.”

Coastal properties, and especially those near to Cape Town, sell particularly well in the January to April period, says Greeff.

“There is a great deal of truth in the old saying that no visitor is immune to the Cape’s attractions, nor can any individual be written off as ‘unlikely to buy’. At Greeff Properties we have time and again seen upcountry and overseas summer visitors suddenly become convinced that they must live in this area and making spontaneous buys which they had no intention doing before their holiday.”

Summer holidays, with their regular outdoor entertainment, says Greeff, also make people aware of how much better certain homes are suited to the alfresco lifestyle. This, he says, leads in some cases to a strong desire to upgrade and or renovate and to house sales taking place.

“The desire to keep up with the Jones’ is a powerful buy motivation.”

Although advertising drops by some 15% in winter, says Greeff, these months always produce a crop of good buyers – and those buying at this time tend to be serious and want to get the job done as soon as possible.

“It takes a certain determination to go out on a cold rainy evening to look at a home. Your winter buyer, you can be assured, is a serious buyer.”

Greeff says that over 2 000 Cape Peninsula homes are advertised each week in the Cape Property Guide and the buyer who can sift the good options from the less good purely on reading these advertisements, in his opinion, simply does not yet exist.

“It is imperative, I believe, therefore for the buyer to find himself an agent whom he likes and can trust. This person should have at his or her disposal sophisticated comparative analysis data based on recent and historic sales in the area - and he or she should also be able to tap into stock handled by other agents in other areas.”

The message from Greeff Properties is, therefore, that there are definite marketing benefits in all seasons - and this should be borne in mind by sellers as well as buyers.

“Just as now is almost invariably a good time to buy, so now is also a good time to sell. If your agent is competent you can sell or buy satisfactorily at any time of the year. It certainly is a myth that you have to wait for spring to find a good buyer or a good sales market.”

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