Real Estate News - Finding value in the market mess

A commentary at Gold Seek analyses what investments look best as the Federal Reserve does its best to deflect deflation:

“With the U.S. Fed confirming its resolve to avoid deflation and exacerbating the unwinding of the real estate boom, investors have a narrow window right now to position into companies that are well positioned to lead the recovery of confidence. The fact is that commodities remain strong, even while the emerging miners have been crushed, and there really is little risk that the world economy will appreciably slow down. The US is still an influence of course, but the world and particularly China and India have the momentum and the demographics that virtually ensure continued hyper-demand for most of the world’s resources for years to come.

“The markets are offering the opportunity of the decade to back up the truck and position for a resumption of the resource-sector bull market at a significant discount. Where we want to invest today is not with the crowd. The US dollar has significant downside risk as rates come off, and three-month Treasury Bills are simply a place to lose purchasing power.

“Successful resource stock investing means investing in companies that may be headquartered in Canada, the US, Australia, Britain, France, Brazil, Italy, South Africa, Norway or China, to name only some of the nations with established, publicly-traded, commodity producers.”

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