Colliers: Parking place in Bucharest costs more than in Berlin or Lisbon

The monthly price paid for a parking place in Bucharest has increased by 33% this year, as compared to 2008, to 205 dollars, thus exceeding the levels in Berlin, Lisbon and Warsaw, but remaining under those in Sofia and Budapest, according to real estate services company Colliers International.

This year, Bucharest is on the 16th place of 48 cities in Europe, Middle East and Africa area (EMEA), in terms of monthly rates for a parking place, while last year the real estate services company Colliers placed the Capital on the 11th position. The survey examines the parking places in the centre of the Capital and which are not occupied on the basis of a subscription.

According to a survey conducted by Colliers at global level, this year, a parking place in Bucharest costs $ 205.23, while last year's rate was $ 153.86.

According to Colliers, the parking places in the Capital of Romania are more expensive than in Berlin, where the cost for a month amounts to $ 176.93, Warsaw - $ 184, Lisbon - $ 169.85 and Abu Dhabi - $ 105. However, Sofia registers monthly rates above those in Bucharest, with a level of $ 283, as well as Budapest, with $ 295. The highest monthly rates in EMEA are registered in London - the City area, where a parking place costs $ 1020, in London - West End - $ 955.51, Amsterdam - $ 805.36, Zurich - $ 515.74, Milan - $ 495.39.

At the opposite pole, the lowest monthly parking costs can be found in Johannesburg, Durban and Pretoria, all in South Africa, where they register $ 71.45, $ 80.96 and $ 90.66, respectively.

The survey is at its second edition. Colliers International is one of the biggest real estate companies in the world, with annual revenues of 1.4 billion euros. The company is managing assets in amount of 80 million square metres.

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