Spruce up your bathroom for a quicker sale

Consumers who want to sell their homes urgently should take a good look at their bathrooms.

Uninspiring bathrooms can be a deal breaker, says Richard Gray, CEO of the Harcourts Africa property group. “Polls show that buyers are picky when it comes to the room where they are likely to start their day. But the good news for sellers is that they can probably recoup about 90% of money spent on bathroom renovations while they dramatically improve their chances to sell quickly.”

And even if your budget won’t stretch to a full make-over that includes new fixtures and fittings, he says, there are ways to make tired bathrooms look more fresh and appealing. Harcourts offers the following advice:

* If expense is not a problem, do consider replacing outdated fixtures such as baths, basins and toilets with modern equivalents. A cheaper option is to resurface sanitaryware that has seen better days and is chipped or stained.

* Sellers on a more restricted budget can opt to replace smaller fittings such as towel rails, bathroom cabinets or vanity surfaces.

* Proper lighting can make a vast difference in cramped bathrooms. Light fittings are relatively inexpensive and judicious use can make a great impact relative to the expense. Fitting large mirrors above the basin or bath will reflect more light and make the room seem bigger.

* Pay particular attention to wall surfaces – a fresh coat of paint in a neutral colour can go a long way to brighten up a bathroom.

* Make sure everything gleams. Scrub tiles and grouting, remove water stains from surfaces, buff taps and showerheads and polish mirrors.

* When your home goes on show, hang fresh towels, put out a bar of pretty soap and if space permits add a bowl of fresh flowers or a plant that flourishes in low light conditions, such as a peace lily.

Article from: www.harcourts.co.za